During the annual Naked issue for Women’s Health magazine, Sofia Vergara poses nude despite being in the mid-40s. All eyes are on her as she nailed the cover of the hit magazine and the model-actress stresses about the things related to aging and staying gorgeous.

The 45-year old actress also discusses what are her secrets to staying fit and the reality that goes with it. She even referred to working out as a torture for her and that she is doing some exercise three to four times every week.

Posing nude for Women’s Health magazine

While her age tells us otherwise, Sofia Vergara is absolutely stunning and stellar in her nude poses for Women’s Health magazine with words “Strong”’ “Sexy” and “Naked.” Vergara stresses out in an interview that time has already changed in the modeling world.

While it was true before, that only young models do all the poses for magazine covers, it is no longer applicable in the modern day.

During the photo shoot, Vergara lets her hair down to cover the sensual parts of her body with her arms wrapped around her body. The sexy star flaunts her curves in front of the camera and is reported to have rejected the idea of portraying another sexy identity and preferred to be captured with her time-honed beauty.

In an interview, she talked about her reality as about not having the perfect body with muscles and cut abs because it would take too much effort. She also adds that she doesn’t need to be a perfectly fit model with the perfect body as she reportedly hates doing workouts.

Sofia Vergara on body aging and staying attractive

While it is a Fact Of Life that we eventually grow older with time, Vergara prefers to age gracefully instead of gaining extra weight or having sag skin. She said that she doesn’t want to deny her age and that she wants to look her age but at the same time look great and adorable.

She also believes that the idea of being paranoid to looking young is so crazy and so hard to achieve.

Some reality that Vergara seemed to have faced recently is when some people try to tell her that she looks like she’s in her twenties but her pores tell her otherwise. She also added that it is a fact of life that our body changes like our skin, which would really deteriorate as time passes by.

The model/actress also speaks about how she wasn’t able to make any excuses for not going to the gym because her husband (Joe Manganiello) built one for her. This is the very reason why Sofia Vergara is absolutely fit, strong, sexy and adorable at the age of 45.