Greg Rikkart has been gone from "The Young and the Restless" less than two weeks, but there is already talk of his return. According to, a set insider says Kevin Fisher will be back in Genoa City. There is no information, however, regarding why he is returning or when he will be seen.

Kevin left town vowing never to return

When Kevin left town, he said he was not coming back. His family members believe he moved to Portland Or., to deal with Chole's death. In truth, he and his wife and daughter are supposed to be starting a new life, and Chloe now has a new identity.

No one outside of Victor Newman and the doctor knows that Kevin's wife is not dead. There has been nothing in the story line to indicate Kevin left any loose ends in Geno City, so fans have a mystery to solve.

Why is Greg Rikkart coming back to "The Young and the Restless," so soon after his contract was not renewed, and how long is he staying? What would cause Kevin to risk being spotted by the good doctor, or incurring the wrath of Victor Newman? These are the question for which there currently are no answers. At this time, the official word from "The Young and the Restless" is that they do not comment on the status of contracts. Loyal fans will have to stay tuned to the show, to find out what is going on or watch for updates and spoiler alerts.

The set insider knows what is going on

The mysterious set insider is much like those in the White House who are described as a reliable source. These anonymous individuals often leak information that the powers that be initially deny or say they cannot comment on. In time, however, the leaked news proves to be true. For this reason, the spoiler alert from should be taken seriously.

Recently those with inside information were correct regarding the return of two actors to another daytime drama.

For several months, it was announced that Kirsten Storms and Anthony Geary would return to "General Hospital." Insiders reported when both of these actors were seen on the set, even though no official statement was given.

The reports were true, as both Geary and Storms returned to the show. So it's a pretty sure bet that Greg Rikkart will indeed be back on "The Young and the Restless."

One possible scenario might be for Kevin showing up, to coincide with the return of Michael Muhney, as Adam Newman. When Victor's son comes back to Genoa City, Chloe can no longer be considered guilty of his murder. Perhaps this will tie up that particular storyline, and Kevin and Chloe can ride off into the sunset free from Victor Newman. Whatever the reason, spoilers will no doubt leak it — so stay tuned.