reported that actor Greg Rikaart, who portrays Kevin Fisher, is being let go from "The Young and the Restless." This comes as a shock to fans because Kevin is in the midst of a major story line. Soap Central indicates that the powers have chosen not to renew Rikaart's contract. According to, Kevin will not be killed off, so this leaves the door open for Rikaart to return. He is scheduled to make his exit in August.

Kevin and Chloe and Bella and Billy

Only a few weeks ago, Kevin Fisher said his wedding vows to Chloe Mitchell.

Immediately after, he learned that his bride had blown up a cabin with Adam Newman inside. Chloe left Genoa City, and Kevin was devastated. Last week he received a letter from his run away bride, asking him to get a DNA test, to determine if he is her daughter Bella's father.

This was odd because Kevin had already taken a test, shortly after Chloe returned to Genoa City, after being released from a mental institution. Those results indicated he was not the baby daddy. Viewers assumed the father was Billy Abbot because Chloe had stolen a sperm sample he had at the hospital.

In her desperation, to replace the daughter who died in a hit and run Chloe and was artificially inseminated with Billy's donation.

This was around the same time she slept with Kevin. The second test was conclusive that Kevin is Bella's father. This really has long time fans wondering what is going on.

How Kevin may be written out

The request to take a DNA test was also sent to Billy Abbot, which thickens the plot. "This is the way of "The Young and the Restless.

" Secrets with layers that unfold over time. Since the first test ruled Kevin out, why would Chloe request another?

It would seem that Billy would be the father by default, and only he would get a letter. It was later revealed that Victor Newman sent those letters on Chloe's behalf. He hates Billy Abbot and likes Kevin Fisher.

Victor has tampered with DNA tests before. It would be within his nature to keep Billy from knowing that he had another child.

If Victor did switch the results, this would be the reason behind why the first test Kevin submitted was negative. It does not, however, explain why Chloe, had Kevin to take two tests. She was in love with him, so why would she have the first test altered to look as if he were not Bella's dad if indeed he were? These events seem to set the stage for a valid reason for Rikaart to be written out in August.

Kevin loved little Bella and was already acting like her father. He had decided to adopt her once he and Chloe were married. Now with his wife on the run, Fisher would be a single dad.

His family, however, has rallied around him and promised to help him raise his daughter.

With all this support. There is no way Kevin would leave town with Bella. Unless of course he located Chloe and decided to go on the run with her. Considering she is a murderer with mental health issues, that scenario can be scrapped.

There can only be one logical reason why Kevin would want to leave town. Somewhere between now and August, Kevin is going to learn that Bella is not his biological child. He has lost Chloe, and then to find out that the sweet little girl is not his, will simply be too much. If indeed Rikaart is written out and not killed off, this is the only logical explanation. It will be interesting to watch all of this unfold, as August draws near.