The premiere of "Shameless" Season 8 officially begins airing on Showtime on November 5Th at 9 p.m. The official announcement came via Frank Gallagher himself in the best "Shameless" fashion.

Showtime tweets Gallagher video

The tweet was posted to the Showtime Twitter page earlier today with the traditional Gallaher "Where the f*** have you been?" question. The short video shows the cast getting irate over the constant questioning by fans about the show's new releases date. Each Gallagher -- along with Kev and Vee -- can be seen letting fans know that Showtime tells them nothing.

Frank Gallagher is going to be a new man

Frank finally spills the information fans have been desperately seeking:

Now that we know when to expect "Shameless Season 8," according to EW, fans will see a brand new Frank Gallagher. Frank is still mourning the loss of Monica, and we all know Frank does not handle death well. He is going to attempt to make up for decades of bad behavior. This also opens up the question of: If Frank is sober, does this mean Lip is now the family drunk?

As previously reported, when we last left the Gallagher family big changes were on the rise. Fiona is now a real estate owner, Lip was last seen heading to an AA meeting, Ian was healthy and continuing his job as an EMT, Deb was taking welding classes with the hope of making a better life for her and Frannie, Carl was still in military school, and Liam was going to a fancy private school.

Frank was still mourning Monica's death, and Kev and Vee were trying to figure out how to get their bar back from Svetlana. When the season 7 finale aired it was a bit strange compared to past season finales. In fact, the show could have ended there and it would have worked. Fans would have been ticked off, to say the least, but it could have ended.

According to William H. Macy "Shameless" fans can most likely look forward to at least a couple more seasons of the hit comedy drama. That being said, who's life, if not Frank's is going to go spiraling out of control in season 8? It has also been rumored that Ian and Trevor have been spotted filming together recently. Does this mean things are over for good between Mickey and Ian?

It is hard to say, but with the potential time jump, things could be very serious between Trevor and Ian now. But, along with the time jump, that means Mickey has had plenty of time to get his act together and possibly plan his return to Ian. Also, remember, Ian did help Mickey flee the country. Could this mean legal issues for Ian?

Perhaps Mickey was caught and Ian will be arrested for aiding and abetting. Could they possibly end up in prison together? Then, there is always Fiona's love life. She has a number of men that could return to her life at any given moment. Fans haven't seen Jimmy/Steve for a while, so there is always the possibility of Steve's return.

We also have to believe that Deb's life is not going to be an easy one.

A young single mom, a baby daddy return, and custody issues are not out of the question. But if we are talking returns, many fans have expressed their desire to see Sheila and Karen head back to the Southside.

What would you like to see for the Gallaghers in "Shameless" Season 8?