Viewers who tuned into the penultimate episode of the Freeform series may have seen the last of Jonathan—or so they thought. The demon could very well still be alive. A video from the “ShadowhuntersSeason 2 Episode 20 shows he is alive. Todd Slavkin also hinted at the character’s return in Season 3.

What happened to Jonathan?

In Episode 19, “Hail and Farewell,” we saw how Jonathan almost killed Jace when he hanged him. However, he decided to take Jace’s offer to a duel instead. The demon thought he had an edge over the shadowhunter because he is stronger.

For a while there, we really thought Jace was a goner after Jonathan stabbed him and made a move to finish him off. Thankfully, Izzy arrived just in time and knocked Jonathan’s sword out of his hand. Her electrum-wound whip helped defeat the demon since it is the only tool that can do him harm.

We saw Jonathan fell to his presumed death after Jace stabbed him in the back and pushed him off the bridge. There was a lot of blood, and the demon looked dead too as he floated on the waters. However, Jonathan may still be alive.

Jonathan is alive in the “Shadowhunters” Season 2 Episode 20

A You Tube video for the Season 2 Finale, “Beside Still Water,” shows Jonathan crawl his way out of the waters to safety.

He is wounded and bleeding, but apart from that, he is very much alive.

Likewise, showrunner and executive producer Todd Slavkin hinted at the demon’s return in Season 3 of the “Shadowunters.” He revealed that the installment follows Cassandra Clare’s “City of Fallen Angels.” Fans who have read the book are aware that Jonathan or Sebastian is still alive in the story.

He was brought to life after Jace, who became vulnerable to demonic possession after his resurrection, heard Sebastian’s voice in his head. The voice told him to finish the reawakening ritual that would bring back the demon. The book ended with Sebastian fully alive after Jace completed the ritual.

Will Tudor hints at Jonathan's return

Moreover, actor Will Tudor may have accidentally confirmed that Jonathan or Sebastian is alive in Episode 20. The actor, who plays Sebastian/Jonathan, was asked if he is in Season 3. All he could say in response was, “Umm..I couldn’t possibly say.” However, his answer when asked about the Season 2 Finale and how fans would react to it may have given him away. “It really does ramp up. I know when reading the scripts originally, certainly in the table reads, the end of the last few episodes we were all like ‘Ohhh, wow…,” Tudor told Fansided.