Episode 20 is going to be a tearjerker if the trailer for the “ShadowhuntersSeason 2 finale is anything to go by. That heartbreaking scene at the end of the preview hints at a certain someone’s death. Although Katherine Mcnamara did not spoil the story, she did warn viewers to prepare for an emotional episode.

Prepare to cry in the finale

That scene with Clary at the end of the promotional trailer for the Season 2 finale alone is already heartbreaking enough. However, Katherine McNamara said the entire episode is going to be very emotional. She warned that there would not be a dry eye in the house.

“I would definitely have a box of tissues ready, as well as a comfort food of your choice — ice cream, chocolate, whatever’s going to make you feel better,” McNamara told TV Line in an interview.

McNamara, who plays Clary, admitted that she too cried when she read the script. The story moved her so much that when it was time to rehearse, she said things that were not in the script. She said that in Episode 20, Clary for the first time breaks, physically and emotionally.

What breaks Clary

There are speculations that someone significant to Clary dies in the “Shadowhunters” Season 2 Episode 20. The trailer for the finale titled “Beside Still Water” clearly shows her crying over someone very dear to her.

This person could be Simon, Luke or Jace. However, given that the season follows the third book in Cassandra Clare’s “Mortal Instruments” novels, it is likely that Jace dies. In the book titled “City of Glass,” he dies after Valentine stabs him in the chest when he rescues Clary. The villain wanted to sacrifice Clary so he can summon the angel Raziel.

Jace took her place instead. After all, he has angel blood. Coincidentally, the show’s season finale takes Clary and Jace to the Mortal Mirror, which is Lake Lyn, to stop Valentine.

Clace still lives

However, Clace (Clary and Jace) shippers should not worry since good things still come to the lovebirds. In the book, Jace is resurrected after Clary wished from the angel Raziel to bring him back.

Likewise, McNamara teased that things are looking up ahead for Clace. She said that they are finally on the same page. Also, moving forward, fans will see them being more open about their feelings for each other. “Now they’re both in a place where they’re ready to explore this connection and put all of their emotions into this other person,” McNamara said.