vancouver Police have confirmed that a female stunt driver, working on the set of the superhero film “Deadpool 2,” died on Monday morning after a motorcycle stunt she was performing went awry. The identity of the stuntwoman has not yet been revealed.

‘Deadpool 2’ motorcycle stunt goes wrong

As reported by Global News, the stuntwoman was riding a motorcycle while filming the blockbuster movie “Deadpool 2” in Jack Poole Plaza in Vancouver. She suddenly lost control of the motorcycle, which spun off the set and crashed into a window at Shaw Tower, a building located across the street from the film set.

As reported by CTV News, the stuntwoman was taken into an Advanced Life Support ambulance. However, the ambulance stayed at the scene for 45 minutes, and when it left the plaza, there were no sirens or lights activated.

Global News quotes a witness who told them people were running along the sidewalk as the motorcycle flew across the street. They said it looked like it had hit a ramp, as it was in the air. The witness added that the rider was standing on the motorcycle as it slammed into the building saying it was clearly out of control and not a planned stunt.

The motorcycle can be seen laying on the sidewalk in the tweeted image below.

The report added that the stuntwoman had successfully completed the same stunt four times prior to the crash and that the throttle had somehow become engaged on the fifth try, leading the rider to lose control.

According to Vancouver Police, officers from the British Columbia Workers’ Compensation Board are investigating the incident and the scene of the accident.

The superhero movie “Deadpool 2” has been filming in the city since June and will star Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin and the film is set to screen in theaters in 2018.

Other recent stunt accidents

There have been a couple of accidents involving stunts recently. On Sunday, Tom Cruise was performing a stunt while filming “Mission: Impossible 6” in London when his stunt appeared to go wrong. While no reports are out yet as to his injuries, he was seen to crash into a building after jumping from another structure on a wire.

In July, John Bernecker, a stuntman and actor working on a rehearsal for a fight scene on the set of the AMC horror series “The Walking Dead,” died after a 20 ft. fall from a balcony. Instead of safely landing on a pad on the ground, Bernecker hit the concrete, causing massive head injuries and leaving him brain dead. His family eventually decided to turn off his life support. Season 8 of “The Walking Dead” is set to return to AMC in October this year.