Freeform has released the synopsis for the "ShadowhuntersSeason 2 Episode 20 which teases a massive battle. The synopsis also talks about an unfinished business with the Seelie Queen. Caution - this article contains spoilers.

Demons attack

Isabel and Alec are in the fight of their lives in Episode 20 titled “Beside Still Water.” According to the synopsis, the siblings must fight off a horde of demons that unexpectedly surface. It is unclear if these demons attack the New York Institute or the mundanes living in the city.

The trailer for the Season 2 Finale gives a glimpse of this fight.

It shows Alec, Isabel, Clary, and Jace battling demons. At one point Magnus comes to the team’s aid when he vanquishes a flying creature. The trailer also shows Alec get pulled through a wall during the fight.

There is a traitor in the team

The synopsis from Fansided teases the appearance of a traitor in the “Shadowhunters” Season 2 Episode 20. It is unknown who this traitor is, although one can guess that it could be Magnus. He acted strangely in Episode 18 after his meeting with the Seelie Queen.

To recap, the queen had asked for his cooperation in the war that she planned against The Clave. The episode saw the warlock turn his back on Alec. Magnus made the choice to protect his people over his love for the Shadowhunter.

It is safe to assume that in Episode 20 he decides to join the Seelie Queen and in doing so, he becomes a traitor to The Clave. It will be interesting to find out how Alec reacts when he learns about Magnus’ decision.

Luke and Simon at the Seelie Court

In Episode 20, Luke and Simon decide to pay the Seelie Queen a visit. They travel to the Seelie Court to discuss some unfinished business.

Perhaps they want to talk the queen out of her plan to wage war against The Clave? Photos from “Beside Still Water” show Simon and Luke at the queen’s court. There are also images that show the vampire with the Seelie Queen (Sarah Hyland) in Central Park.

Someone dies in the 'Shadowhunters' Season 2 Episode 20

The trailer teases a major character’s death.

It is clear that this person is very important to Clary, given how she cries so hard at the end of the preview. It is either Jace or Simon who dies. Fans speculate Jace dies as that's what happens in Cassandra Clare’s “Mortal Instruments” books, but Clary eventually brings him back.

It could also be Simon, given what actor Alberto Rosende says about his character’s journey in Season 2. In the interview below, he mentions that Simon gets into a serious battle. Perhaps this battle leads to his death.