Scott Disick was working on a spin off series titled "Royally Flipped" in which he would renovate homes to turn them into much more fashionable properties. However, it has been confirmed that the show has been canceled as the executive producers have dubbed it too boring. Scott Disick has shown no interest to fight for his show, and it seems that the star was never that interested in it in the first place.

The former husband of celebrity Kourtney Kardashian was due to get his own spin off series

According to the Daily Mail, Scott Disick was supposed to be getting his own spin off series titled "Royally Flipped" however, it has recently been revealed that the show was canceled.

The spin off show was set to follow celebrity Scott Disick as he renovated houses. The show was apparently canceled because the final product was too boring and the production company did not want to put it on the air.

Disick was reportedly given a lump sum of $58,000 to shoot a pilot episode of the show, which unfortunately for Disick fell through. In a report by The Sun, a source has claimed that the reality TV star does not know enough about the renovation business to shoot one season of the show let alone a series.

The website has reported that the show has been shut down immediately after the executives of the show viewed the footage, which consisted of Scott Disick renovating homes. The executive producers branded the footage as boring which caused them to drop the project immediately.

The Sun also claims that Scott Disick did not give up his partying ways during shooting for the series and that the producers were less than impressed with the celebrity's behavior towards the series. Kris Jenner, Scott's former mother -in-law reportedly tried to help Scott make his show a success, but it appears that he was not the slight bit interested.

The star's addiction to the partying lifestyle has not only led to the dismissal of his show

According to the Daily Mail, it was Scott Disick's partying ways, which made the producers think he was not serious about his new show "Royally Flipped." The shooting schedule was already behind when the executive producers sat down to have a look at the show, and the only footage available to them was Scott working on homes.

Scott Disick is famous for being addicted to the partying lifestyle, and this not only lead to his show being canceled, but it was also responsible for the breakdown of his marriage to Kourtney Kardashian. Scott and Kourtney's relationship had its difficulties, however, when Scott refused to change his ways the Kardashian exclaimed that their relationship would not work out.

Scott Disick has not commented surrounding the show's cancellation, and one has to wonder what the celebrity will attempt next.