Rumors have recently surfaced that Selena Gomez is going to be featured on Taylor Swift's upcoming album "Reputation." The rumors started shortly after Swift released a track from her new album but they have been in no way confirmed. It appears that fans have started the rumors and that there is no foundation for these claims.

Taylor Swift releases track on her new album

According to Elite Daily, Taylor Swift has already released a track titled "Look What You Made Me Do" which is to feature on her upcoming album. The singer recently released the song and fans have been going wild, as it appears that the song is a direct message to fellow artist Kanye West.

It appears as if Taylor Swift is finally getting her revenge against Kanye for the stunt that he pulled back in 2009 at the VMAs. Fans are celebrating the fact that Taylor is finally showing her dark side and are excited to see what the singer has in store for her new album "Reputation."

It has been confirmed that this is the first album that Taylor Swift has dropped since the year 2014 when she released "1989." Swift is not the only artist to come out with new music lately as her friend Selena Gomez has also released a few new tracks which are also set to feature on Gomez's album.

Both of the artists have praised each other for their hard work and dedication on social media and this has sparked rumors that the pair will be collaborating with one another on Taylor's album.

Rumors are circling that the artists will finally collaborate with one another

According to Gossip Cop, rumors have recently surfaced about Selena Gomez's potential involvement in her friend Taylor Swift's upcoming album "Reputation." Gomez is reportedly extremely excited for the release of Swift's album and this has caused fans to believe that she is to feature on one of the songs.

Fans have been waiting for the friends to collaborate for years and they have been posting about their excitement on social media. However, Gossip Cop has also claimed that while Gomez is excited for her friend that the rumors about her involvement in the "Reputation" are simply made up by Taylor's fans.

There has been no confirmation that Selena Gomez is to be any part of Taylor Swift's album but fans are confident that this is the case.

Neither Selena Gomez nor Taylor Swift has confirmed that they have recorded a collaboration together and for now, the rumors can only be taken as speculation.

While fans are disappointed by the news, they still have Taylor's new album to look forward to as the singer explores another side to her music.