Nick Viall is a single man once again. The most recent star of “The Bachelor” has ended his engagement with fiancée Vanessa Grimaldi just five months after the finale of the rose-filled ABC reality show, according to E! News. In a statement to E! News, Nick and Vanessa revealed that they gave their relationship their “all” and expressed regret at not getting the “fairytale ending” that they had hoped for. Nick and Vanessa previously told People they were in no rush to plan their wedding, and now it’s not hard to see why.

Nick’s long history with ABC

Nick Viall appeared on two previous seasons of The Bachelorette” as well as the third season of “Bachelor in Paradise” last summer. On all three shows, he made serious romantic connections (he even landed as runner-up both times on “The Bachelorette”) yet went home a single man. Nick Viall’s status on “The Bachelor” franchise has been a running joke, and he even referred to himself as “the biggest joke” after being turned down for proposals twice on reality TV. Now, some fans of “The Bachelor” are wondering if there’s a chance that Nick could turn up for yet a fifth try at love in front of ABC’s cameras.

Are Nick Viall’s 15 minutes up?

While the next “Bachelor” star is usually chosen from “The Bachelorette’s” cast-off’s, ABC has not yet announced a name of the next franchise star.

In fact, the top two contenders, Peter Kraus and Dean Unglert, seem to have been ruled out. “Bachelor” showrunner Mike Fleiss is reportedly upset with Kraus, who was Rachel Lindsay’s runner-up, for his refusal to propose to her, while Unglert has been deemed too immature for the lead role.

With no viable contenders left from Rachel’s season, could it be possible for Nick Viall to make history as a five-time star on a "Bachelor” show?

If you’re sick of seeing Nick and his broken relationships, you can relax. Viall previously told Entertainment Tonight he has no plans to do any more reality TV, especially anything “Bachelor-“ related. Nick recently launched a men’s grooming line, so he had plenty of other things to keep him busy, and honestly, with his track record, he may just want to spend some time being single.

As for the upcoming “Bachelor” announcement, eagle eyes should be on “Bachelor in Paradise.” There should be at least one broken heart at the end of the current season of the summertime reality show, and it was Nick Viall’s last stop before he landed the coveted role as “The Bachelor.”