Selena Gomez and The Weeknd (aka. Abel Tesfaye) had a good laugh on their date night. The couple was spotted enjoying the show at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood on Friday, August 11. The club posted a photograph of the pair watching a performance on their Instagram account. Gomez and Tesfaye appeared to be having a great time, with Selena laughing heartily and Abel donning a big grin on his face. The club captioned the picture, stating it was "date night" for the cute couple. The post has received over 900 likes so far. However, it appears to be stirring up quite a bit of controversy with fans, with arguments breaking out about the famous couple's relationship and past loves.

Selena Gomez chills with comedian Tacarra Williams

Comedian Tacarra Williams was performing when Gomez and Tesfaye were on their date night. Williams shared a video on her Instagram feed on Friday night of herself and Selena hanging out. The comedian and singer can be seen pouting their lips as they look into the camera, followed by smiling and waving. Selena gives a big thumbs up at the end of the video. Williams tagged Selena in the video's caption and exclaimed she performed for Gomez, calling the singer a "beauty". The comedian added that Gomez told her she was "hilarious". The video has received over 1,000 likes and fans have commented beside it, congratulating Williams on her performance.

Since the show, the comedian has shared screenshots of articles about her run in with Selena. The comedian thanked US Weekly "for the love", as they wrote about her performance and video with the singer. Meeting Selena has certainly worked in Tacarra's favor, as media publications reporting on the couple's date night mentioned the comedian also.

Selena and the Weeknd not shy about sharing their feelings for one another

25-year-old Selena and 27-year-old Abel are certainly not shy about their blossoming romance. The couple has been dating since January of this year and they have attended numerous public events together. The couple looked completely in love when they attended the 2017 Met Gala in May, with Selena embracing her new beau on the red carpet.

She shared a picture of the two on Instagram at the time, as they walked down the carpet hand in hand.The photo received over 7 million likes, with fans commenting on how good the couple is together. The besotted "Fetish" singer also accompanied Abel to Europe, where he was performing as part of his "Starboy World Tour".