Sandra Bullock just made a $1 million donation to the American Red Cross relief effort which is currently helping thousands of victims who were displaced and affected by Hurricane Harvey. The Oscar-winning actress has long been a supporter of the organization. Meanwhile, the actress has also hoped that people will come together in order to help those victims of the tragic flooding.

Donations for important cause

The 53-year-old star has always been known for making donations to the Red Cross. To recall, the actress has also previously donated the same amount to the organization in order to help thousands of victims of the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Apparently, Bullock has divulged her life to the different charitable works and Red Cross has considered her a blessing to their organization.

Elizabeth Penniman, the Red Cross Vice-President for Communications, has told People that what they got from Bullock was an incredible gift. The organization has been a lot thankful for receiving such huge amount especially in times of huge disaster like Hurricane Harvey. Penniman also added that having the actress to their organization is a one-of-a-kind commitment which inspired other people to be generous as well.

Bullock calls out to set aside political division

In one of her interviews, the Oscar-winning actress has also called everyone to go beyond the political divisions.

She added, “There are no politics in eight feet of water, there are human beings in eight feet of water.”

Perhaps, Bullock’s acts of kindness have called out all Americans to join hands in helping all these people in need. Hurricane Harvey has made a landfall somewhere in Texas and was reported to be a Category 4 storm.

The hurricane has led to tragic flooding which affected thousands of people in the region.

It has been confirmed that there were about 19 people who were reported dead due to the flooding.

The Houston Police Department was also reported to have rescued about 3,500 people; however, 35-40 people were still left to be accounted for. As of this time, the American Red Cross is doing their best in providing shelter and foods to thousands of people affected by the disaster.

According to ET, Bullock is one of the latest personalities to render huge donations in order to help victims of the storm while Dwayne Johnson, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Chris Young are also among the big stars who also did their part to help displaced victims of the storm.