Episode 6 of "Rick and Morty" Season 3 has got to be perhaps the best episode thus far. The overall storyline of this episode was very engaging and getting to learn more about Rick as a character is what made this episode so much more enjoyable.

It is no secret that Rick is by far the best character in the show, of course, this is moot. It was fascinating to see how their toxic versions felt. More interesting to see that Rick, despite his insane levels of genius, has many flaws that even the common man can have.

His obsession, for a minor word of love, for his grandchildren is not only welcoming but more humanizing.

For many people, Rick's character comes off as someone who doesn't give a (fill in the blank) about anyone. Heck, even earlier episodes he left his daughter and their family behind in a chaotic world.

It is refreshing to see that despite all his cynicism and his nihilistic outlook on life that deep inside of him there is a gleam of real care. This care, of course, we hope will better be explored in later episodes.

Toxic Rick's master plan

The episode was also very entertaining. The particular scene where toxic Rick pulls the lever to make the whole world toxic. The scenes where the young children attack the birthday mascot along with the scene where the vegetarians exit the vegetarian restaurant and enter the sandwich restaurant and the person in the sandwich restaurant going outside to eat garbage was truly hilarious.

This scene greatly epitomizes the facade that so many people place on themselves and when they let go of that facade and truly act as who they are they devolve in their sense of morals and ethics.

Speaking of moral and ethics, what may be a scene that stirs up a lot of controversies was the scene in the church. "There is no god we made him up for money!" was brilliant.

Straying from such a touchy issue, it was from an objective vantage point, very funny and poignant.

Once Toxic Rick merged back with Healthy Rick, and the world returned to normal, it was brilliant to show how comfortable these people were able to go back to their original selves.

Final thoughts

This episode, like all episodes, really had a great theme to it.

The toxic mentality fo people can hold them back in many ways. For some, the toxic behavior holds them back from achieving great things in life. This was shown brilliantly through the use of Morty. Once his toxic person was discarded from him, he had the courage and confidence to become something great and most importantly to be happy in life.

As a huge fan of this show, I can honestly say that this was perhaps my favorite of this season thus far. It was great to see Healthy Rick come and sad to see him go. For all of Ricks' actions it obvious that he does what he does because he is depressed. Hopefully, in later seasons we will see him move beyond that depression because healthy Rick was awesome.

Of course not more awesome than Tiny Rick.