Joel Osteen is a well-known right-wing pastor based out of Houston, Texas who runs the Lakewood Church. Despite avoiding damage during Hurricane Harvey, Osteen has refused to open the doors of his mega-church to thousands who are in need in the area.

Olsteen hammered

In the days leading up to Hurricane Harvey, many still didn't believe that the storm would have the impact that it has had. In what is being called the worst storm to hit Texas in 500 years, Hurricane Harvey has caused devastating damage, resulting in thousands being displaced and have their homes ruined in the process.

When the hurricane first hit, it was labeled a Category 4 with winds that reached as much as 130 miles an hour. The storm moved offshore, but was quick to return, this time as a Category 3, with FEMA describing their efforts as a "life-sustaining mission." The city of Houston was hit the worst, which is the home of the Lakewood Church run by right-wing pastor Joel Osteen. The church is based out of the arena formally known as The Summit where the Houston Rockets of the NBA used to play. With the capacity to hold close to 17,000, Osteen is receiving criticism for not opening his doors to the public, as seen across Twitter on August 28.

Joel Osteen has been controversial over the years, as his far-right wing political and religious beliefs often clash with even those who consider themselves moderate Christians.

Osteen's literal belief of the biblical text has caused many to speak out against the Houston-based pastor, which continued further on Twitter for not helping those take shelter in the area due to the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Twitter reacts

"Lots of people online are wondering why Joel Osteen hasn't opened his 16,000 seat megachurch in Houston to people," one Twitter user wrote.

"Nice of @JoelOsteen to open his 16,000 seat Mega Church in Houston to floor victims. Lol jk he's not doing that," Eoin Higgins added.

"Joel Osteen has a 16,000 SEAT MEGA CHURCH smack in the middle of Houston & HASN'T Opened his doors to those who need rescue?!?

WHAT THE F*CK," another tweeted noted. "Joel Osteen closes the doors to his mega-church when he could be helping out tens of thousands. Reason #5,382 I think religion is fu**ed," another social media user pointed out.

"Cront of @JoelOsteen's huge Lakewood Church in Houston at 11 am.

Closed due to 'flooding'. Person who took it asked to be anonymous," Charles Clymer tweeted out. "I like how today is the day everyone found out Joel Osteen isn't a Christian," Brooke Rogers posted. As the negative reaction continued, it became clear that Joel Osteen was not going to live down his decision to keep his church doors closed.