Just days after Hurricane Harvey started to devastate much of Texas, Donald Trump scheduled a trip to visit the state. After Melania Trump tweeted about joining the president on his visit, social media critics were quick to lash out.

Melania on Hurricane Harvey

Heading into last weekend, many wondered what the actual impact of Hurricane Harvey would be on Texas. Within hours of the storm touching down in Houston, it was quickly labeled a Category 4. In the days since the the storm started, several deaths have been reported, with thousands being displaced and forced to leave their home.

Massive flooding has also been reported, with heartbreaking images and videos circulating on social media of the impact the storm has had. Donald Trump used Twitter to comment on the storm, including mistakenly referring to the "Category" of the storm as "class." After it was revealed that Trump would head to Texas on Tuesday, Melania Trump took to Twitter to announce she would also be in attendance with a tweet on August 28.

Taking to Twitter on Monday night, First Lady Melania Trump tweeted out about her upcoming arrival to Texas. "I will travel with @POTUS tomorrow to lend my support to the people of #Texas," Melania tweet out, before adding, "We are with you!" Melania's tweet comes just hours after Donald Trump defended his action to pardon controversial former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio at the start of the Hurricane Harvey by citing the spike in TV ratings over the weekend.

Twitter reacts

Not long after Melania Trump sent out her tweet, critics of the president hit back. "Oh thank goodness, you can add a lot to this - are you going to help rescue people?

take them home and feed them? WTH?" one Twitter user sarcastically wrote.

"You would best serve Texas if you stayed home and had a fund raiser," another social media user added.

"When is (Trump) going to resign? Or does he want to be escorted from the White House in cuffs?," a follow-up tweet asked. ".We're doing fine without you. And that is saying something because we're totally fucked," Eric Vale went on to tweet out.

"The longer Trump's in office the more we see his dementia, racism, lies & crimes. Time for Putin's puppet to resign. Enablers are #complicit," an additional tweet added. As the backlash to the first lady continued, it became clear that the bad blood between the Trump family and their critics was not going to end anytime soon. With the negative reaction to the White House mounting, the president is now sitting on an approval rating of just 35 percent.