Robin Givens is reportedly joining the cast of "Once Upon a Time" and is slated to portray the character role of Tiana's mom. Entertainment Weekly reported that Givens has already been tapped for an episode of the series. It was also announced previously that Givens, who starred in "Riverdale," will be shown in one of the latest episodes as Eudora. Her character will feature how Tiana's mother has lived her life from being wealthy and right now facing a financial disaster.

Moral strength

Givens' role in the series "Once Upon a Time" is an integral part of the show.

Her character will show a transition from her life that will feature every woman's moral strength. Several weeks prior to the casting announcement, Entertainment Weekly has learned that Mekia Cox has already met her TV series mom-to-be in the elevator in Vancouver. It was also the time when Givens was shooting a scene for "Riverdale."

Cox shared that she feels great to meet Givens finally. However, she also thought that she had scared her on the elevator. The actress also revealed that they had quite a fun moment during their conversation. Cox added that Givens stared into her grocery bags and was somehow surprised on what she was carrying. Nevertheless, Cox added that carrying a grocery bag with her is a normal thing for her.

The actress further shared that Givens is a sweet woman and she is also very excited to be working with her on the show.

New spoilers revealed

According to the latest report from Cartermatt, Tiana is a lead character from the Disney film, "The Princess and the Frog," and Givens would be playing her role as her mother on the series,"Once Upon a Time." It is precisely one of the most exciting scenes to watch for as to how the series will adapt the Disney movie.

Givens is reportedly blessed to be part of the "Once Upon a Time" season 7 casting story. The series fan base is happy to learn that the actress is also a star from the highly-anticipated series, "Riverdale." Having both Givens and Cox on the show is extremely delightful.

The series is one of the most dynamic shows on ABC. Perhaps, the production feels excited as it returns to air while at the same time, feeling the tension of their viewers' expectation.

The upcoming season would also feature Hook and Regina as they try to find their own fate in the story.

Some spoilers reveal that Lucy, Henry's daughter, might be the person behind all the changes that are expected to happen on the show.