People will stand in your way and prevent you from achieving your dreams. You will hear them disapprove your credibility, even before you try something out. It is even worse when the person you are intimately related to fails you. That’s the case with Blac Chyna and her ex-fiance Rob Kardashian.

Chyna and her musical ambition.

A few days ago, Chyna disclosed her plan to join music and become the next Nicki Minaj. The news shook her fans and her ex. It was impossible to believe that Chyna, who rose to fame and built a whole career while she was dating Tyga and later Rob Kardashian will be releasing music.

The stripper who is now a social media sensation recently signed a major record deal, but Rob can't stop laughing at her ambition. Reports by TMZ confirms that 29-year-old Chyna signed a 1$ million dollar deal with Capital records and was seen leaving the building accompanied by her lawyer.

We might be hearing her music, something like rap, singing, and what we all are anticipating to know, “poetry music.” Also read: T.I. blasts Rob Kardashian's 'poor character' after Blac Chyna scandal

Rob says Chyna will fail miserably in her music career.

Rob Kardashian believes Blac Chyna will do badly as a rapper and she will be embarrassing herself. He is actually sitting and waiting to see her fail, he even thinks she will be far worse than K-Fed with the most terrible music anyone has ever heard.

We haven’t even seen the worst of 30-year-old Rob Kardashian. He promised his fans that he will be dropping a Beyonce-like album to expose Chyna. Rob and his ex-fiance were recently entangled in a drama following Robs revenge porn. He might be jealous since Chyna makes more money than him and she had signed up a million dollar deal against his expectation.

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Rob has been throwing shade at Chyna for a while now

For almost a month now Rob has been attacking Chyna with allegations that she is deep in drugs and she was cheating on him with a variety of men who came to their home where they lived with their two kids. We would expect Chyna to start with a Rob diss track.

Well, Blac Chyna loves the attention, and a diss track, will give her too much of that.

Rob would be surprised though. Chyna is working hard to make her music career a reality. She has achieved a lot, and it is expected she will make an appearance in “Rake It Up” video alongside her musical role model, Nicki Minaj. We should also not forget her past relationship with Tyga. Blac Chyna has some advantage already in the music industry.

Only time will tell if Rob predicted it right or Chyna is great like Minaj.