It's right to say sometimes love comes around and knocks you down. Sometimes it might not. Have you ever loved someone so much that you feel like you will spend the rest of lives together, get married, life goes on for a while, then events happen, and you realize you were not meant to be? Don’t ever allow that to happen to you. Well, most of our celebrities have made those mistakes, including Chris Pratt and Anna Faris.

They broke the news on their social media accounts.

It was posted on their respective social media accounts that Pratt, 38 and Faris, 40 are going to separate.

They announced that they had tried to make their 8-year marriage work for a while, but they both failed and were disappointed with themselves. Their only child, Jack will be turning 5 in August. The stars reported their break-up on Sunday night, leaving their fans stunned.

They also added the would keep the matter private for the sake of their son who they love so much and move on. They also admitted they still are in love and promised to cherish the moments they had and maintain the deepest respect towards one another.

Pratt who features in the Guardians of the Galaxy and Faris who played a role in Mom met while on set during the shooting of Take Me Home Tonight in 2007. They had dated for about a year before they got engaged then got married in 2009.

They just looked complete and perfect together. Moreover, they used to appear on red carpet events together, talked about themselves and their adorable love in public, and as proof, their marriage was going well, Faris pranked Pratt through a call, and it turned hilarious. Learn why Chris Pratt, Anna Faris 'really disappointed' about legal separation

Their breakup was unpredictable

In April, Pratt paid a lengthy tribute to his soon to be ex-wife after receiving a star award on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and appreciated her support.

Before, Faris had praised him at the ceremony and was happy that both of them were there leaving their Hollywood lives instead of being in the woods.

Faris rose to fame when she featured as Cindy Campbell in “Scary Movie,” a 2000 film. She later got a significant role alongside Baron Cohen in 2012 film “The Dictator.” She told BBC then that it was an honor working with Cohen.

She has also played the other leading roles in Hollywood films. You can also read: Chris Pratt won’t take selfies with fans, is ‘comfortable disappointing people’

Pratt was no longer wearing his wedding ring

Observers had noticed Pratt around without his Wedding Ring for a few months. Last December Faris confessed on one of her podcast episodes that she was feeling hurt. Later on, she clarified that she felt vulnerable when Chris was off doing movies in LA while she was home raising their child. She might have meant Chris was cheating on her, but it's not yet confirmed.

Their fans are still in shock after the news. It is hard to imagine