The CW has just released a new promo for the highly anticipated "Riverdale" Season 2 premiere on October 11. In it, some questions left by the last season's premiere are given more answers. In fact, the promo highlights what the cast have been saying as production has gone underway: that the sophomore season is darker than ever. In the recently released promo, viewers can hear a voice over saying, "May I have everyone's attention? I have some tragic news to share." Following this, Archie comes to view, asking, "Who did this? What if he comes back?" Given these ominous statements, it seems that Fred Andrews (Luke Perry) has indeed passed away after he was shot at Pop's Diner.

What fans get to see in the promo as well is an Archie who has been changed by his father's shooting—a man who is out to avenge the injustice that occurred to his family.

'This is a war'

In the most recent "Desperate Times" promo for "Riverdale" season 2, viewers can hear a voice saying, "Can't let this fear run your life, Arch." It's most likely Fred Andrew's voice, so it's yet unclear if he does die in the season premiere of The CW show. Recently, Cole Sprouse who plays Jughead on the show, explained just how the town of Riverdale will change come the sophomore season. He told Comic Book, "Season 2 is very much a narrative between the North Side and the South Side of Riverdale, and the brewing tension in feeling agency-less." The actor explained that Jughead will be caught in the middle and will be in a "compromising position" with "one foot on the North and one foot on the South and having to figure out what he’s going to do." This is bound to affect his relationship with Betty, Archie, and the rest of the Riverdale gang.

New poster released

Along with the new promo for "Riverdale" season 2, a new poster has also been released, hinting at the imminent danger that's coming to town very soon. The new promo poster shows a gloomy dusk at Pop's Diner, where the signage's D, I, and E letters are lit to spell out "DIE." The question is now, who will die?

Who are the other targets aside from Fred Andrews? Also, what does Hiram Lodge have to do with all of this? Hiram Lodge is finally heading back home to be with his family and along with him, he's bringing along his "dark dealings" that may tie him to Fred Andrew's shooting. "Riverdale" season 2 is set to return to The CW on October 11 at 8 p.m. EST. In the meantime, those who aren't caught up on the show can now stream it on Netflix.