"outdaughtered" dad Adam Busby surprised the world when he confessed he is suffering from Postpartum Depression. Before that, fans had suspected he was cheating because of his behavior. Now, the father of quintuplets said his PPD is causing some issues between him and his wife Danielle.

Adam opens up to his father about his struggles

In last Tuesday's episode of "OutDaughtered," Adam's father visited the family. While Adam was kind of not ready to talk to him and open up about his depression, he felt that it was the only real opportunity he had.

When the two had sat down together, he shared with his father that things have been busy in the household since their family of three grew to a family of eight overnight, according to People.

Adam said that he thinks he and Danielle are doing great in terms of managing all the household tasks and taking care of the children, but they seem to barely have time for each other as a couple. He said that after the kids were put to bed and asleep, they still have to clean up the kitchen and wash the dishes. At the end of the day, they're just exhausted.

His dad said what he is experiencing is normal parenting, although it is X5. His father sensed that there is something amiss and asked him what was wrong.

Adam struggled to answer but eventually, he said that he doesn't feel much like his normal self in almost all aspect—with work, with friends and relationships. He added that sometimes he wanted to check out, but it has caused some issues between him and Danielle.

Mr. Busby told him, "We're all flawed.

But when you start getting bogged down … you need some help."

Adam accused of cheating

Previously, "OutDaughtered" viewers thought that Adam was cheating on Danielle because he's been distant and tends to come home late. Adam responded on social media that their marriage is rock solid and fans should never doubt their love for each other no matter what they see on the show.

Still, Adam admitted that he kept his depression from Danielle, which broke her heart.

In an episode of "OutDaughtered," Danielle was disappointed to learn that Adam shut her out. She wished he would have told her about what he's been going through instead of hiding it from her. Adam said he just didn't want to add more to Danielle's stress after all that she did every day.

Adam and Danielle are parents to Blayke, 6, and quintuplets Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker, 2.

"OutDaughtered" airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. on TLC.