When you are a celebrity, your privacy is invaded. Whatever you do, calls for attention. Sometimes the attention can negatively affect your personality. You are applauded, made fun of, loved and hated. Bloggers make money gossiping about your misery, you remain relevant, have more fans, and you obviously make more cash.

Rumors that Rihanna was pregnant spread like bushfire

Well, Rihanna is used to that, we have seen her win, lose and cry. Last month, rumors that RiRi was pregnant surfaced on social media sites. The reports were based entirely on speculations following her recent photos after she attended the Valerian premier event.

It's 2017 when posts on social media are lame and ignorant. You don’t have to take it seriously, though. Some social media users thought that Ms. Fenty had gained some weight while others insinuated she was knocked up. Bad Girl RiRi didn’t come out to defend herself; she allowed the dust to settle. Also, learn how the Internet reacted to Chris Brown's comment on Rihanna's Instagram photo

She posted steamy pictures on Instagram

Rihanna posted her latest photo on Instagram, putting rumor mongers on hold, and by looking at it, you can’t tell whether she is pregnant or not, at least at the moment.

Rihanna is in her home country, Barbados, and she decided to give back to her community in a special way-wearing a sort of bejeweled peacock bikini, that was worth some thumbs up.

RiRi will be performing at the Grand Kadooment, a celebration that concludes the famous Crop Over Festival. Every time she visits her native country, she posts some incredible photos, but these ones were way up.

The sexy photos left her fans salivating. Chris Brown couldn’t ignore, and he commented with a side eye emoji. Also read: Rihanna and Hassan Jameel make Naomi Campbell seriously furious, says source

Rihanna’s fans roast Chris Brown after he commented on her photo

Brizzy’s comment soon caught the attention of Rihanna fans and got slammed for his “negative energy” against Rihanna.

Last year Chris Brown confessed that he contemplated suicide after assaulting his ex. Rihanna is currently dating a wealthy Saudi businessman.

While referring to her past relationship with Brown, she recently told Vanity Fair that she felt like the enemy in the situation and she wanted the best for them. Unfortunately, because of Brizzy’s failures and low moments, he felt like he didn’t deserve her. She tried to put up with it, it was hard, and she finally decided to walk away. She had further clarified that she still liked and cared about him.

It has been a tough journey for Rihanna. Hopefully, this will be a better year for her, a prospering relationship with her Saudi boyfriend and perhaps get pregnant for him! For now, you can watch her amazing photos on Instagram and wish you were Hassan Jameel.