Rihanna was shining bright like a diamond when she stepped out to join the 2017 Crop Over festival in Barbados on Monday. The "What's My Name" singer stood out from the rest with her skin-baring costume after several months of hiding her figure in oversized clothing.

RiRi wows the internet with her Crop Over look

The Barbados Babe also flaunted her turquoise blue hair color which complemented her green and turquoise feathered wings and beaded bikini. Before she went out to join the celebration, Rihanna posed for a couple of snippets which she posted on her Instagram account.

Among her 55.4 million followers in the photo-sharing platform, the "Diamond" singer particularly caught the attention of her former boyfriend, Chris Brown, who could not stop himself from leaving a set of googly eyes in the comment section. The rapper, however, earned mixed response from Rihanna's fans who accused him of crying out for attention.

Most of these fans called out Chris Brown to leave Rihanna alone, while others asked the Barbados Babe to block her ex-boyfriend from social media.

According to a Hollywood Life report, the "Pills and Automobiles" artist started following RiRi on Instagram again back in March.

Inside Chris and RiRi's relationship

It is worth noting the two had a controversial on-off relationship which eventually led to their separation. The "Work" singer even revealed how her then-boyfriend assaulted her after they had a heated argument over a woman's text message to Chris Brown.

Rihanna revealed that the rapper became violent after she asked him for an explanation for lying about the text message. In the police report, the female singer stated that her boyfriend punched, bit, and choked her during the encounter.

Chris Brown went on to threaten to kill the "Umbrella" singer before she was able to escape from his Lamborghini.

Rihanna narrated that her face was swollen and bleeding when she ran away to scream for help. The rapper immediately turned himself to the authorities and posted bail on felony battery charge.

Breezy also issued an apology to his ex-girlfriend which was later revealed to be a scripted PR stunt. Meanwhile, RiRi was surprised when Chris Brown has brought up their relationship in his new documentary. “She just wishes she could put the whole affair behind her and erase it from the public memory,” a source said.

The affiliate added that the 2009 incident was "traumatic" for Rihanna that she wanted to forget about the whole thing. “Rihanna just wants to forget about it now, and put it firmly behind her," it added.