Sinead O'Connor shocked her fans when she uploaded a disturbing video, where she talked about her struggle to stay alive and expressed her dismay at the fact that her children have let her live in a motel instead of helping her. In the 12-minute video, the "Nothing Compares 2 U" singer confessed that the only person who is helping her fight her suicidal thoughts is her psychiatrist.

O'Connor and her battle against mental health problems

"Mental illness, it’s a bit like drugs, it doesn’t give a sh*t who you are. And you know what’s worse? The stigma doesn’t give a sh*t who you are," she said.

The 50-year-old singer is hopeful that her video will help those who are also suffering from mental illnesses just like her. O'Connor knows she is only one of millions of people who are facing the same problem. "Suddenly all of the people who are supposed to be loving and taking care of you are treating you like sh-t," she added.

She went on to admit that every day feels like a battle for her to stay alive for the people she loves. O'Connor revealed that she has been living alone since she was diagnosed with three mental illnesses which made her suicidal. She confessed that even her family members are afraid of what she might do if she gets angry.

The Grammy Award winner even said that she has been begging for somebody to come and get her, but claimed that no one from her family and friends has offered her help for the last two years.

"Why are we alone? What the f--k did we do? The people with mental illness are the most vulnerable people on earth. We can't take care of our f--king selves," the singer exclaimed while crying.

Warning - the video below contains strong language and may be offensive to some viewers.

Singer seeks help from family and friends in viral video

O'Connor addressed her four children who left her to live on her own. The singer even acknowledged that she had sent angry emails to her kids in the past. It can be recalled that the singer has lost custody of her third child, Shane, after showing signs of suicidal behavior last year.

At that time the Irish singer-songwriter even threatened to kill herself if the agency did not reverse their decision on the custody case. "[I will become] the first Irish citizen to take their life in protest against Tusla on behalf of all mentally-ill parents," she said in social media post.

O'Connor even insisted that she would not have become unwell if the agency had not taken her son away from her. After speaking up about her mental health in the viral Facebook post, the "Faith and Courage" artist reassured her fans that she is not suicidal and that she has been receiving the best care to help her recover from her mental health problems.