Canadian rapper Drake dated Barbadian singer Rihanna but they eventually broke up in the fall of 2016. RiRi is now happily dating Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel, whose company, Abdul Latif Jameel is one of the largest in the world. Both are reportedly talking about settling down and having babies although they are still getting to know each other over the past few months. Shortly after the rapper broke up with RiRi, he briefly hooked up with Puerto Rican singer Jennifer Lopez but it seems that he is more into RiRi. Recently, he posted a photo on his social media account that seemed to be sending a message to the “Umbrella” singer that he still can’t get over her.

Drake is still in love

Recently, Drake posted a photo of him on Instagram wearing a shirt that emblazoned the men’s cologne Drakkar Noir but what caught fans’ attention was that he was sporting Rihanna’s latest Fenty x Stance socks collection. The pair of socks was patterned with the Barbadian singer’s image, which was taken from her music video for her song “Work” where he also starred last year. What’s more interesting is that the Canadian rapper captioned the photo with “Trabajo” – a Spanish word for work. Fans can’t help but suggest that he must be trying to tease RiRi and wants her to know that he’s still got strong feelings for her.

He thinks RiRi is 'the one that got away'

A source close to Drake recently said that he “has always had a thing for RiRi” and seeing her happy with someone else literally breaks his hurt.

Apparently, it’s something that makes him regret that he let her go. “The socks photo was his way of ruffling Rihanna’s feathers, and letting her know he’s still out there and thinking of her,” the source told Hollywood Life. “If they did try to date again it would likely never work out because it’s all about the passion and sex with them, and when everyday life starts to creep in they inevitably start drifting apart."

Rihanna isn’t impressed with Drake

When Drake posted the photo, Rihanna was reportedly not happy seeing him wearing her latest socks collection.

The source said that the Barbadian singer was “disturbed” with this move and wants him to just leave her alone especially now that she has moved on to a new man. It is said that the Canadian rapper thinks that Hassan Jameel doesn’t deserve RiRi and he doesn’t even understand why she likes him a lot. The Saudi billionaire, on the other hand, is crazy about her and is treating her like a queen.

Drake is currently linked to Trinidadian singer Nicki Minaj. Will they be able to take their relationship to the next level especially as he is still lusting for Rihanna?