Wubba Lubba Dub Dub, "Rick and Morty" Fandom! This that time of the week again. Brand new "Rick and Morty" Episode, baby! Season 3 of "Rick and Morty" is nothing short of enchanting as every single episode is more provocative and soul-crushingly gorgeous than the previous one.

The most recent episode that was released this Sunday, titled "Rest and Ricklaxation" has set new benchmarks to the show's core epicness, while providing its fandom everything they need to know about the relationship that exists between and drives the two protagonists. Getting Schwiftier by the day, this show is.

Ricklaxation, you say?

Yes, and we’ll tell you why. Morty is at school and happens to catch Jessica talking to her friends and finds out that she is at long last single. He gathers the nerve to approach her and attempt to ask her out and just before he lurches over his words, Classic Rick Sanchez surges in and pulls Morty away for a quick in and out adventure. Before going on this mission, Morty makes protests about passing up a major opportunity for his ordinary life.

Rick guarantees this would just take twenty minutes. Six intensely grueling days later, the protagonists are seen exhausted with everything that they have gone through and plan on taking a vacation.

And CUT! "Rick and Morty" theme song commences. This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg.

Tell us more!

The episode begins with "Rick and Morty" in an alien spa as they decided upon a vacation, where the duo enjoys different remedial and unwinding therapeutic services. Shenanigans take the front seat when they choose to get into a detoxifier, which is only an awful strange projection where individuals get split between the lethal and solid renditions of how they perceive themselves.

After realizing what has happened and who their toxic selves are depending on what each of them defines toxicity as the detox session ends and the duo emerges out of the chamber, refreshed, renewed, calmer and more functional than ever. Each of them goes on with their lives after this, feeling better about what has happened and finding it much easier to let go of the bad stuff and embrace the good in everything.

Morty benefits greatly from the results of this and goes on to become the popular kid at school, while Rick leads his life as a nicer, more emotionally expressive and vulnerable self, only to eventually come to terms with the fact that their toxic characters have manifested themselves into individual entities.

Rick also comes to terms with the fact that to be a fully functional self, he has to embrace both his good and bad sides. Although Morty might be the pinnacle of his best version without all the characters he thinks to put a limitation to his true potential, Morty isn’t really Morty without those characters.

The episode is an absolute and well orchestrated feels trip, and emphasizes on how emotionally complex, yet ground shatteringly simple "Rick and Morty" really are.

It also pays homage to the intrinsic human trait of emotionally shutting off in order to avoid being hurt. This all leads us to the real question.

What went so wrong in Rick Sanchez’s life that he chose to disappear from his family and come back, and what made him so cold and detached from the absolutely nice guy he really is deep down? Thrilled to see how this story shapes up. Until then, Stay Schwifty!