With season 3 up, running, and back on our television screens, we and the whole fandom of the "Rick and Morty" multiverse couldn't be more happy and excited. “Rickmancing the Stone” was an absolute showstopper in terms of the show making a comeback after the prolonged hiatus and was more than just a fit episode.

It is admirable how much the characters have developed with regard to the recent turn of events in the Smith family. Summer seems to have taken up responsibility and could possibly work out as a third companion alongside "Rick and Morty".

All speculations aside, we’re super excited to witness what’s in store for us.

Blast from the Past

Over the length of the first two seasons of the show, there have been a handful of characters that have grown dear to us, aside from the main ones, of course. Some of these characters haven’t even been given a restful ending, a good chunk of the fandom feels. Take for example Mister Poopy Butthole. After Beth’s impulsive shot at him which turned out to be a huge mistake and landed him in the hospital, we have only seen bits and pieces of his recovery over time in snippets released by Adult Swim.

The point of all this being, we as fans would take pleasure in seeing some of these characters make a comeback in the future episodes of "Rick and Morty." And if you’ve already been wishing for this, some of it is in the works of coming true.

Enter Snowball aKa Snuffles

Snuffles is a puppy who is the house pet of the Smith family. He is first spoken of in the pilot scene when Beth advises Morty not to kiss the family room cushion, because the puppy rests there. He initially shows up in the episode “Lawnmower Dog,” where Jerry gets distraught at him for peeing on the cover and afterward chastens him for it.

Rick creates an IQ cap that would make him sufficiently clever to comprehend what they were instructing him to do. In the long run, he ends up noticeably savvy enough to make sense of significantly more things about how the people have been treating him and adjusts his cap to give him a chance to speak with them.

He continues building and adapting more, until in the long run, he and numerous different mutts assume control and regard the Smith family as their pets, anchoring Jerry, Beth, and Summer up in the terrace.

He additionally uncovers that he doesn't care for the name "Snuffles" and now intends to pass by "Snowball."

In any case, when Morty comes back from experience with Rick, Snowball chooses he can't hurt the main human's who really cherished him, and chooses to rather leave Earth to establish a planet of insightful pooches in another reality.

There's one character "Rick and Morty's" co-maker Justin Roiland truly needs to bring back to the show at some point after Season 3, and it is a profound cut from the show's initial days who happens to be none other than the mutt that we speak of.

In light of remarks from the makers, we realize that "Rick and Morty" Season 3 won't include characters like Mister Poopy Butthole or Mr.

Meeseeks, yet in the event that Roiland has his direction Snuffles has the potential chance to feature back in one of the future seasons of the show.