Quoting the legendary and soon to be witnessed (we hope) best friend of Rick Sanchez, none other than Bird Person to Beth, “The path your father and I walked together is soaked deeply in the blood of both friend and enemy,”

Episode Three of the Third Season of "Rick and Morty" just dropped a couple of hours ago, and it is, true to the word, “bloody” good!

In this episode, Rick transforms himself into a lifeless immobile thing (a pickle, ladies, and gentlemen) and after that needs to utilize his virtuoso to make sense of a method for the circumstance.

Two seasons and change into the show and we as of now believe the people required to know whatever occurs next will bode well to be fulfilling.

Terribly written work takes conceivably great ideas and transforms them into mediocre poop. Great composition takes apparently doltish ideas and transforms them into, well, pickles. It's a fun travel for everybody, which is what "Rick and Morty" is.

Where can I watch the episode?

Just head to Adult Swim's official website if you're from the US, you can stream it for free there.

Pickle of Mass Destruction

As the only ridiculously sensible solution to wash his hands off of a family counseling session, Rick Sanchez turns himself into a pickle. We suppose this bizarre idea might have originated as a dare of a concept amidst the co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland and has turned itself into a badass and quite satisfying reality.

In the wake of spending a couple of minutes building up the underlying defenselessness of making himself a pickle, "Pickle Rick" doesn't harp on the point. Rather than an enduring acceleration, when Rick gets a few arms and legs and a cutaway, he's ready to assemble expound machines of death and wipe out the whole rodent populace of the sewer.

If you don't care for rats, you are certainly in fortunes here, because Rick executes a considerable measure of them and the sight of it is all bathed in crimson. We thought it was pure art.

Guest feature

Amidst his seemingly inescapable task, Rick does manage to muster up a fabulously spectacular and undeniably heroic escapade, all thanks to his new killer rat suit.

Making his way from the sewers to the surface, Rick, however, doesn’t realize that he is now inside the loo of a high-security mansion of a European Don. Quickly realizing it and slaying the henchmen one by one in a blood soaked frenzy, Rick unforgivingly heads to his exit by challenging the Don himself.

Running out of ideas and henchmen alike, The Don unleashes one of his top killers upon Rick, at the cost of his daughter's life. This Killer, named “Jaguar,” goes after Rick using the only hope left to save his daughter. After a heated battle, Rick and Jaguar both realize that they could help each other out of this. And guess what, they do. The cherry on top of this delicious cake is the fact that Jaguar is voiced by none other than “Danny Trejo.” His very presence makes the episode a lot more badass.

Head over and watch the episode for all the madness that awaits you, if you haven’t already. This will easily go down as one of the best episodes of "Rick and Morty" for times to come.