Kylie Jenner has released her new Reality Tv Series titled "Life of Kylie" and fans are already raving about the episode. She is the last of her siblings and fans realized when they watched the episode that there is a lot going on in Kylie's life that people do not get to see. Kylie opened up in an emotional therapy session, which showed how rough life in the spotlight could be.

Kylie shows the consequences of living in the spotlight

The premiere of Kylie Jenner's new reality TV series aired recently and the episode was titled "I Just Want to Run Away." Fans of Kylie Jenner finally get a sneak peek into the reality stars life and quickly learn that not everything is as it is portrayed in the media.

The show revealed the difficulties of the celebrity life and while it showed Kylie Jenner's wealthy and career, it also countered her successes with her losses in a unique way. Kylie revealed that she missed going to school in order to start a business and that she was not able to attend prom.

The teenager has been on TV since the young age of nine-years-old and has to learn how to adapt to her life in the limelight. The episode got very heavy as Kylie decided to allow the cameras into her therapy session where she admitted that she does not like her famous life and sometimes would just rather run away than face it.

The star opens up about her struggles with her therapist

According to Entertainment Online, Kylie Jenner sat down with her therapist to discuss the struggles that she has faced growing up under the spotlight.

The therapy sessions got very emotional as Kylie delved into the problems that she has been dealing with. Jenner announced that she does not know what it means to live a normal life.

She went on to explain that ever since she was young people have stared at her, taken pictures of her and that her life has always involved the camera.

She stated that it can be scary because when people watch someone growing up on television they feel like they know that person. Obsessed fans have targeted the Kardashian’s in the past and this is a danger that Kylie has had to deal with within her family.

According to Well Good, Kylie stated that she does not really know who she is in life.

She stated that since she was nine years old she has put this persona about who she is out into the world. The star recalled how much she had to adapt to her life of fame and stated that she changed because of the mean comments that she was receiving online.

Jenner announced that she feels a sense of loss for the person that she could have been and has revealed that she does not know how to get back to that person. Kylie struggles more than her other siblings with her celebrity life and while she states that they were born for the famous life, she feels like she is not.

Kylie has not made any comment about the episode but it is clear that the star wanted to share her unseen life and turmoil with her fans.