WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB, loyal fans of the "Rick and Morty" Multiverse! We are all definitely excited for one thing, one unified cause, one monumental reason, and that happens to be the premiere of the brand new episodes of the third dank new season of "Rick and Morty". We have all come a long way to this day and moment of relishing our much fantasized of desires, and it is here with us. Rickmancing the Stone is finally here and we couldn’t be more excited. TIme to get Riggity RIGGITY wrecked, son!


Following the masterful and epic escape of our beloved protagonist #1, none other than Rick Sanchez from the galactic federal prison on the pilot episode of the third season titled “The Rickshank Redemption”, Rick, knowingly or unknowingly unleashed upon our world a relic that was buried under the weight of time.

An indisputable nectar for the taste buds, described by Rick Sanchez in a manner that it had been crafted by the Gods themselves. A recipe that transcends both space and time, a delicacy that has grown to be on the lips of every "Rick and Morty" fan there is. It is the infamous and increasingly viral limited edition “Mulan Szechuan Teriyaki Dipping Sauce”, as mouth-wateringly described by Rick Sanchez himself.

This much roared and celebrated about delicacy was dished out along with every pack of chicken nuggets at McDonald's in the year 1998. McDonald's have always kept their Happy Meal toy and Condiment game fresh, and this new sauce wasn’t any different either. It was in commemoration of the movie “Mulan” that has just released in theatres.The movie, by Walt Disney, is about the Chinese legend of the warrior woman Hua Mulan who bravely fought against the invasion of the Huns.

The sauce, remodeled in an oriental recipe was an absolute winner and has been talked about since then.

“Justin” time for Season 3 Episode 2

The sauce, after having been brought back to life, thanks to "Rick and Morty", has gathered quite an unusual following.

People have tried recreating it. People have tried re-cooking it despite having no idea whatsoever about how the sauce originally tastes. Some people have even pummeled through time and somehow found old sachets of the Mulan Sauce, just to bid them on eBay for over $15,000. Popularity knows no name or form.

Co-creator of "Rick and Morty", Justin Roiland, however, hasn’t had the need to do any of these shenanigans.

Because he was behind the monumental rise in popularity of the sauce, which in turn helped promote McDonald's as a brand even further, a very sweet chef from McDonald's has been kind enough to remake a whole batch of the sauce and send it over to Roiland as a surprise. The chef who goes by the name Mike has masterfully put it all together into a neat alien looking packaged from the Dimension C-1998M, where it is the year 1998 every day, he mentions on his note to Roiland. He also mentions that batches of the sauce will be available in limited quantity to select and lucky fans, but he just had to send the first batch to Roiland himself.

Roiland, moved by the ever so sweet gesture, has gone over to twitter and put up pictures of everything that Chef Mike and McDonalds have sent him. Such an absolute dream come true moment, isn’t it?