Tamra Judge decided to open up about her parental alienation case on "The Real Housewives of Orange County" last year and she has continued to speak out about her case for the past year. On this season of the show, Judge revealed that she had been asked to speak at the conference and had participated in a documentary about this case. She revealed that her daughter Sidney had started to open up a bit in regards to giving her mother a chance, but it didn't take long for Sidney to realize that perhaps it was all a mistake.

In a recent Facebook post, Sidney reveals that everything that Tamra had been saying on "The Real Housewives of orange county" is not necessarily true.

She decided to write a lengthy post where she points out the inconsistencies in Tamra’s story in regards to what she is going through. She reveals that she feels her mother is putting her bank account and the Bravo show before her and it sounds like there may be some truth to this if new tweets are to be believed.

Went against daughter’s wishes?

According to a new set of tweets, it sounds like Sidney had invited her mother to her graduation recently and they had pictures taken together. If a screen shot is to be believed, then Sidney didn't want her mother to share these graduation photos with her fan base for “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”

Sidney wanted the photos to remain private and Judge clearly makes this promise to her in the texts that are shown in the screenshots.

However, on Tamra’s Instagram page, there are pictures of Tamra and her daughter at the graduation party. As a Twitter follower pointed out, it sounds like Judge made a promise and then broke it. This could be why Sidney doesn't have an interest in making peace with her mom if her promises are constantly broken.

Is she more guilty than previously anticipated?

Sidney also points out that it was actually her mother who caused the parental alienation between herself and her mom, not her father Simon. If the tweets are true, then Sidney definitely has a story that's worth hearing.

The lengthy Facebook post that Sidney posted to her Facebook has since been deleted. One can imagine she didn't expect her mother to write back to her, accusing her of only using her for money.

What do you think about Tamra Judge’s daughter's wishes not to have pictures on social media? Do you think Tamra really received this text and then decided to put the pictures on social media anyway?