Leah Messer is no stranger to the drama that follows her because of her role on "Teen Mom 2." Leah knows that people will say or do just about anything to get her attention on social media, and sometimes it works. Sometimes, the accusations are just very ridiculous, and Leah had to call these people out to get them to stop talking about her and her three daughters.

According to one of her tweets, Leah was confronted by a fan of the show who questioned whether Leah was hurting her children. The initial tweet has now been deleted, but it sounds like she was being accused of hurting her children.

In response to the fan, Leah Messer wrote back that she would never harm her kids but only Discipline them. There was no word on whether she actually hit her children in an effort to discipline them.

No evidence of abuse on ‘Teen Mom 2’

One would argue that hurting your child in an effort to discipline them is not exactly proper parenting. Leah has never been accused of hitting her kids, and it seems like an odd tweet. Perhaps this is why the initial tweet actually ended up being deleted by the user.

It would be odd for Leah to hurt her three children as she's filming a national television show.

She knows that every move is captured on camera, and she doesn't do anything to her get her into trouble. Messer knows that the fans of "Teen Mom 2" are very harsh and can say and do just about anything for attention.

In addition, Amber Portwood from "Teen Mom OG" had to face legal troubles after physically hurting her then-boyfriend Gary Shirley, and she went to jail instead of choosing anger management to deal with her problems.

Points to angry behavior

Leah explains that she does think that the person making the accusations is rather angry. She does write back that she feels the follower is a very angry person and could possibly be in need of some help to deal with these feelings.

There was no word on what the initial tweet said in regards to hurting, beating, or simply being physical in disciplining her kids.

Several of her fans reached out to her, praising her for the way she's raising her children. Fans have seen how she struggles at time with three kids and being a single mother. Many would argue that Leah is actually doing a great job, considering her circumstances. These days, Messer has no interest in finding love.

What do you think about Leah Messer defending herself and her way of disciplining her three daughters? Do you think the tweet was completely out of line?