Rebecca Ferguson appeared on an episode of the series "Loose Women" recently in which the panel discusses men dating women for their money. This prompted Ferguson to open up about her relationship with former "One Direction" member Zayn Malik where she explained that she was often left paying for him when the pair were dating. The singer also opened up about her past experiences when it comes to dating and claims that she has more confidence now.

The pair dated for a brief time when Zayn was only 18-years-old

According to the Daily Mail, Rebecca Ferguson and Zayn Malik dated briefly back in 2013 and Ferguson has recently come forward with claims about their four-month long fling.

The pair began dating when Zayn was only eighteen-years-old and still rather immature. Ferguson was five years his senior and after only four short months together the pair went their different ways.

Ferguson appeared on the TV series "Loose Women" where the topic of men being interested only in wealth arose which caused Ferguson to reflect on her brief relationship with Zayn Malik. She admitted that when the pair were together she would often pay the bill for the eighteen-year-old "One Direction" star despite the fact that he was earning a lot from his own music career. Ferguson pointed out that Zayn was well able to pay the bill at least for himself during this time but often left it up to her to pay for both of their meals.

In a report by the Daily Mail, it has been confirmed that Zayn Malik is now worth $51 million and is currently seeing model Gigi Hadid. Fans have taken to social media to express that the former "One Direction" star certainly could have paid for his own meals then and should at least offer Ferguson some money now that he is older and more mature.

The singer opened up about her experiences dating in the past

The 31-year-old revealed that she has dated people in the past who have not treated her well. She explained that she dated some people who were using her for her money but that one of her friends was looking out for her and prevented this from happening. She stated that her friend did some investigating for her at the time and that it actually transpired that she could have lost a lot of money in a past relationship.

Ferguson explained that she would have ended up in a very bad position financially and that she was completely unaware of this until it was brought to her attention. Rebecca claimed that she has had personal experiences in the past where she has been used for money. While Ferguson did not mention Zayn by name fans are confident that he was who the singer was referring to.

It is clear that Ferguson and Malik's relationship is in the past and it appears that the pair has both moved on from their brief romantic fling.