Taylor Swift has recently released her newest track titled "Look What You Made Me Do" in which she addresses fellow music artist Kanye West for humiliating her in public. While Taylor does not refer to West by name fans are convinced that the singer is targeting him and Swift has confirmed that she has addressed the song to Kanye West. West has not yet replied to the track "Look, " and one has to wonder if the feud between him and Swift has been reignited.

Swift refers to the incident at the MTV music awards

According to Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift has finally hit back at performer Kanye West for interrupting her during the 2009 MTV Awards.

Back in 2009, Taylor Swift won the award for Best Female Music Video and was in the middle of her acceptance speech when Kanye West interrupted her.

West took to the stage and grabbed the microphone from Taylor Swift before going into a rant about how Swift should not have been awarded the award. West claimed that singer Beyoncé should have won the award instead of Taylor Swift and fans were shocked to see the bravado of Kanye West as he publicly humiliated fellow singer Taylor Swift on stage.

The incident was so shocking at the time that even the President of the United States Barrack Obama stated that Kanye West was a jacka** for interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech. Fans were shocked by Kanye West's actions and have been waiting for Taylor Swift to fight back against her public humiliation at the hands of West.

In a report by XXL Magazine, the feud between Swift and West was ongoing as West released a music video which features a doppelganger of Taylor Swift in which he claims that he and Taylor Swift might still have sex. Taylor found the music video to be disgusting and called Kanye West out for not talking to her before including her in his track "Famous."

Swift has claimed that the song is not about West but rather addressed to him

According to Rolling Stone, Taylor Swift has confirmed that her new song titled "Look What You Made Me Do" is not about Kanye West but is rather addressed to the artist.

"Look What You Made Me Do" is the latest installment in Swift's new music and shows a change in direction from her usual upset pop tracks. It is clear that Swift is referring to the Mtv Music Awards incident as she claims that she was made to play the part of the fool.

Swift then goes on to directly address the phone conversation that she had with Kanye West about him stating he made her famous in a song.

While West claims that Taylor agreed to let him include this Swift claims that she did not. In her new track "Look What You Made Me Do" Taylor is heard talking through a phone stating that she could not come to the phone because the old Taylor is dead.

Kanye West has not responded to Swift's new track "Look What You Made Me Do, " and fans are desperate to hear what the artist has to say about Swift publicly calling out West through a song.