The man in action, Tom Cruise just does not want to stop making amazing movies. It is not like we are whining though but Cruise is doing the most bad-ass stunts we know of, and it is breathtaking.

We have known the “Mission Impossible” franchise for releasing five movies so far, and the most recent movie garnered praise from viewers and critics. There is no doubt that Tom Cruise can still roll and jump into thin air with a parachute, as he wants to give daredevil scenes.

Tom Cruise does a breathtaking action movie again

The actor along with other crew members was spotted filming in the Oxfordshire countryside and a floating Cruise harnessed with a large parachute is surely hard to miss.

We are expecting that this scene will appear in the film joined with the other characters played by Simon Pegg and Rebecca Ferguson.

The “Edge of Tomorrow” actor always impressed his fans when it comes to his work and stunts including his former co-stars when it comes to kissing. Actress, Paula Patton spoke about this experience while visiting the “Live with Kelly and Ryan” show and the actress was pretty much hesitant to actually choose one co-star who kissed her right on-screen.

Paula Patton talks about Cruise and their work relationship

“I am going, to be honest, they are all really good kissers.” Patton gushed. “Okay, I am going to tell you. It is not the best, but it is still, it was great.”

The actress was careful not to categorize the actors in a sense but ends up speaking about her scene with Cruise in “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.”

She continued: “The kiss from Tom Cruise was a surprise, I did not know that was going to happen… And he had amazing breath, it wasn’t minty it’s just perfect.” Then the hosts went on previewing a picture of that scene and surely that day was marked to be ideal for Patton.

But it does not stop there, even on the set of "The Mummy," Cruise was also able to impress his co-star, Annabelle Wallis, by saving her life in an incident that involved a parachute strap catching her neck dangerously. But Ethan Hunt was there and ready so, yeah, she is still alive.

This is probably not going to be the last Mission Impossible movie for Tom Cruise (fingers crossed) since it is quite obvious that he enjoys those dangerous stunts we have seen. The movie would not premiere until July of 2018, and we will still hear more about these breathtaking stunts that the movie will be filming.