It looks like Abby Donovan (Paula Malcomson) now plays a more important role inRay DonovanSeason 5, although she is already dead. However, the reason for her demise is still a big mystery.

It is also a big question as to why Ray Donovan’s (Live Schreiber) wife have to go and leave everything behind? It is known that she has brain cancer, as the television show features a 10-month time jump, but fans are definitely puzzled about what is happening.

The reason for Abby’s death

“The time had come for us to take a really big swing,” executive producer David Hollander said in an interview with TV Insider about the shocking turn of events in “Ray Donovan” Season 5.

The showrunner went on to explain that the television show is solely about scrutinizing Ray’s “wild and messy life.” The series’ crime, violence, and his career as a fixer are the only ones to take the viewers attention, so he admitted that it is no longer satisfying for the fans to watch.

As Ray proudly survived the mob wars in the previous season, Hollander thought of a way that he wouldn’t be able to control and fight things. So, the death of Abby was made to happen. His wife is the only one he has to support him emotionally and the one he loves the most. Now that she’s gone, it will bring another twist to his life and story.

Paula and Liev’s thoughts on Abby’s death

In spite of Abby’s demise, Paula Malcomson can still be seen in “Ray Donovan” Season 5 through flashbacks, dreams, and memories.

In fact, the 47-year-old star still plays a vital role in the crime drama series. In the same interview with TV Insider, the Northern Irish actress revealed that she only learned that her character would be killed off through a phone call.

She then narrated that she went into hiding to think of a creative way to play the role of her death.

“It had to be highly charged, deep and real,” she said. She strongly believed that they have achieved the right storyline to honor Abby. Their initial intent is also to bring Ray closer to the television show’s viewers. Although it is a big gamble, viewers will definitely come to know the professional fixer “up close and personal.”

Liev Schreiber, on the other hand, admitted that Paula Malcomson “has always been the show’s anchor.” With Abby’s death, he feels that he didn’t only lose an on-screen partner but a dear friend, too.

He went on to explain that he fully understands why it has to happen, as the structure of the series is quite unstable, he just really thinks it is emotionally tough. “For Ray, it’s his worst possible nightmare come true,” he said. With that, it looks like Ray is going to be back to his old ways.