Things are about to get pretty intense in the coming Ray DonovanSeason 5. Showtime has now dropped a new trailer and poster of the television crime drama series’ upcoming new installment. From the looks of it, Ray Donovan (Live Schreiber) will be in a big trouble.

The professional fixer is now back in the business and will be working for the media mogul Samantha Winslow (Susan Sarandon). As he is back on track, it looks like the show will return to its original roots as things are now getting pretty familiar to its avid fans.

A threat to Donovan’s life

As Samantha Winslow is afraid that her fixers know a lot of things about her, she will get the service of Ray Donovan against them. Susan Sarandon will now display her acting abilities in “Ray Donovan” Season 5. The business tycoon is now afraid of her people as they might know her dirty little secrets and how exactly she works. Thus, he gets the service of the known professional fixer in the industry to watch over them. As part of his work, he also has to watch over Natalie Jamies (Lili Simmon). However, it is not yet revealed why he has to ensure the protection of this young client and why she is so important to Samantha Winslow.

As the role of Susan Sarandon is asking Ray Donovan to do things for her secretly, there is a big chance that she will become a big threat to him in “Ray Donovan” Season 5.

By the looks of it, she is trying to get rid of people who know how she operates and who might ruin her career. Hence, when the professional fixer discovers the skeletons in her closet, she might do everything to eliminate him.

Other scenes that will be seen in the 5th season

Fans will see more of Ray Donovan protecting Natalie Jamies.

In fact, the two might end up with an inevitable romance. Collider reported that the professional fixer and the young ingénue’s storyline is a rehash of Ashley’s plotline. He, too, will be seen being counseled by a very influential and rich personality who will challenge and take care of him like a real son.

Moreover, he will be having a hard time to let Mickey (Jon Voight) come into his family’s life.

Other scenes that will be seen in “Ray Donovan” Season 5 are Bridget (Kerris Dorsey) calling the cops and Terry (Eddie Marsan) coming from a brain surgery that might help him overcome Parkinson’s disease. Of course, the show’s protagonist will be seen going head to head against his fellow fixers. The show is set to be released on Aug. 6 on Showtime.