Barbadian singer Rihanna and Drake’s relationship didn’t last long despite the heavy PDAs they shared just before they fizzled out. The Bad Gal RiRi is now happy with her new found love on Hassan Jameel, a wealthy Saudi Arabian businessman, whom he shared a make-out sesh with in June in Spain.

The couple is reportedly taking their relationship to the next level and are talking about marriage and starting a family such as having babies together. As for the Canadian rapper, he’s been spotted with Trinidadian singer Nicki Minaj, leaving fans to believe that they must be dating.

However, it seems that the rapper is not yet over RiRi as fans noticed him wearing her latest collection of socks.

Drake wears RiRi’s socks

Over on Instagram, Drake posted a photo of him wearing the latest collection of Rihanna, the Fenty x Stance collection – a pair of socks that patterns the Barbadian singer’s image from the music video for her song “Work.” Interestingly, the Canadian rapper starred in this music video and fans were quick to speculate that the pair wasn’t randomly chosen by the rapper. Instead, it was to send a message to RiRi that he’s still head-over-heels on her. Unfortunately, she is reportedly not impressed by his recent stance and thinks that he’s being “reckless” and wants him to let her move on peacefully.

The Bad Gal is not impressed

"When Rihanna saw him wearing her socks she became disturbed because she felt like he was being reckless with her feelings," the source close to the Barbadian singer told Hollywood Life. "She is trying to move on with her new man, who is making himself more available to commitment than Drake was ever willing to do." Ouch.

It doesn’t seem to be good news for Drake especially that he probably wanted to fix things between them. However, RiRi is now dating Hassan Jameel, who is not just a filthy rich businessman but also an incredibly handsome gentleman.

Drake regrets

When the news broke that Rihanna and Hassan Jameel are dating, Drake was reportedly jealous that she has moved on to a new man.

An insider previously told Hollywood Life that the Canadian rapper has strong emotions whenever he sees her with someone else. It is said that he regrets letting her go and is terribly jealous and doesn’t understand why RiRi likes the Saudi billionaire. The insider further said that the rapper thinks that she is the most amazing chick he’s been with and thinks that her new beau doesn’t deserve to be with her.

Do you think that Drake is still madly in love with Rihanna? What about his recent shenanigans with NIcki Minaj?