Raven and Devon were a couple on the Disney channel show "That's So Raven". It has recently been confirmed that the couple will be reunited in the spin off series of the show titled "Raven's home". The spin off series shows characters Raven, Devon and Chelsea as adults dealing with raising their children. It remains unknown as to why the couple divorced but it is clear that they still have a healthy and loving relationship with one another.

Raven and Devon are now divorced

Raven and Devon were fans favorite couple on the Disney series "That's So Raven." In the new spin off series of the show, titled "Raven's House" fans get to see where the couple ended up.

According to Seventeen, the pair got married, had two children and unfortunately got divorced.

While the couple is no longer together fans can still look forward to the interacting with one another as they co-parent their children together. Raven and Devon are still very much involved in one another lives and according to Just Jared, Raven will be awkwardly stumbling into Devon's path more than once this season.

It will certainly be interesting to see how "Raven's Home" handle the dynamic of the divorced parents. One has to wonder if they will address the impact that the divorce has had on the pair's children Nia and Booker. A recent promo trailer has been released for the episode where Raven and Devon reunite.

It is clear that the couple still love one another

The episode, which sees Raven and Devon reunite, is titled "Big Trouble in Little Apartment." The episode is to surround their child Nia's struggles with living in such a crowded apartment. The young girl turns to her father for both help and advice, which leads to Raven getting involved in the situation.

According to Just Jared, Devon appears in this episode to collect both Nia and Booker for some father time. Raven claims that her ex-husband could have waited downstairs for the children to which Devon cheekily reply that he wanted to see his lovely ex-wife. The couple banter and exchange some witty remarks and it is clear that they still have a deeply loving relationship with one another.

The scene also shows Raven checking out her ex-husband and their kid's hilarious reaction to their parents. Fans can expect more development on Raven and Devon's relationship throughout season one of "Raven's Home."

There has been no comment on whether or not Raven and Devon will be getting back together anytime soon. Fans hope that this season will bring answers as to why the couple divorced.