Drake Bell and Josh Peck are former co-stars from their time on the popular show "Drake and Josh." Earlier this year Josh Peck married his long-time girlfriend but fans were surprised that Drake Bell was nowhere to be seen. Bell cleared up this confusion by taking to Twitter explaining that he had not been invited to Peck's wedding. Recently the Brake Bell has come forward to talk about the pair's friendship.

The feud between the actors shocked fans

Drake Bell was not invited to his former "Drake and Josh" co-stars wedding earlier this year. According to NME, the actor took to Twitter to rant about how Josh Peck clearly did not value their friendship.

Bell released a series of cryptic Tweets, which showed the public how upset the actor was that Peck did not invite him to his wedding.

Fans of the actors were shocked as many of them had grown up watching the series "Drake and Josh" on TV. Bell's Tweets were bitter and the actor said a public goodbye to his and Peck's friendship. Their fans were devastated by the news especially because just months before the pair had shared a photo of their time on "Drake and Josh" together.

Bell opens up about how he feels now

According to Billboard, Drake Bell has recently opened up about the supposed feud between him and former co-star Josh Peck. The star came clean about how he feels about the incident in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Drake explained that he and Josh have been very close for over 18-years.

He added that Josh had told him about his engagement but Drake was never told that Peck had picked a day for his wedding. Drake stated that it was a huge surprise for him to see his former "Drake and Josh" co-star celebrating his wedding through social media.

Bell has explained that he was bitter at the time because he had not been told by Peck about the wedding and had to find out after everyone else. He stated that it hurt at the time but did nothing to the pair's friendship. Bell insisted that the pair still talk frequently but that their relationship does have its difficulties.

As for how the actor feels about the incident now, Drake Bell has stated that he deeply regrets his actions. He claims that he loves Josh Peck like a brother and wishes that he had sent his friend a text instead of taking to social media. It is clear that the actor values the friendship between him and Josh.

Josh Peck has not commented on the feud between himself and Drake Bell. As for now, fans can rest assured that the actors are friends again.