Earlier this year, Raven-Symone made a monumental announcement on 'The View' that had all millennials exclaim "Oh, Snap!" --Raven was leaving the talk show to reprise her role as Raven Baxter in a spin-off of 'That's So Raven'. When the announcement was made, we did not have any information on the spin-off, just that it was in the works with Disney Channel, the same company that made Raven a household name among tweens and teens, but now we have a premiere date. 'Raven's home' will air its first episode immediately following the premiere of 'Descendants 2'.

'Raven's Home' is undoubtedly guaranteed a large audience, but they will follow in the footsteps of many revived shows, thus facing the challenge of connecting with a new generation of kids.

Although 'That's So Raven' was wildly successful, it is tricky to revive an old show with a new audience.

Hopefully, Anneliese van der Pol is reprising her role as Raven's energetic, environment- loving friend, Chelsea will help bring back some of the connection the comedian sparked with the audience back in the day. That being said, fingers crossed 'Raven's Home' does not follow the same path as the ill-fated 'Boy Meets World' spin-off or the earlier spin-off 'That's So Raven' with 'Corey in the house' starring Kyle Massey.

With a refreshed plot centering around Raven and Chelsea raising their kids together as single mothers as Raven's daughter, played by Navia Ziralli Robinson, begins to discover she inherited her mother's psychic powers. Additionally, with the added antics of their children's friends 'Raven's Home' sounds like it does not stray far from the original sitcom viewers loved.

Every since 'Raven's Home' has been announced, fans have had multiple questions.

The questions range from if the show will be based in San Francisco, like the original, to if Chelsea will be like her own mother viewers saw on 'That's So Raven' and if Eddie (Orlando Brown) will drop in for a few episodes. While those questions have been the most frequent asked by fans, others are wondering who will sing the theme song, where the kids will go to school, how many original 'That's So Raven' guest stars, if any, will reprise their roles and what hijinks this new cast of characters will get into.

All of these are questions we deserve answers to, but only the creators of the show can see that far into the future.

'Raven's Home' will Premiere July, 21st @ 9/8c following the premiere of 'Descendants 2' on Disney Channel.