Raven Symone is a well-known actor best known for her performances in "The Cosby Show" and "That's So Raven." The star has recently come forward to talk about the body shaming she had to deal with from as young as seven-years-old. Symone has stated that this abuse has damaged her mental health and that she has been left dealing with the scars ever since.

The star was body shamed from a young age

According to Fox News, actor Raven Symone has opened up about being body shamed from childhood to the present day. She stated that the body shaming had terrible consequences for her mental health and the fact that it began in her childhood meant that it warped the way she perceives herself.

In a recent interview with People Symone stated that she wished that she was living as a younger person in this generation as she strongly believes that she would not have as many mental issues as she is currently dealing with. Symone recalled when she was part of "The Cheetah" girls and hearing that she was too fat to dance for an hour and a half concert.

The star stated that she was able to go through with the concert because it was not about her size. Symone claimed that she was able to tour for as long as anyone else was and that she was being deliberately bullied because of her size. She stated that if someone can sing, dance and perform then that is all that matters and they should not pay attention to what anyone else has to say about them.

The star also recalled when she was only seven-years-old and being told that she could not eat certain foods that were prepared for cast members because she would get too fat. For Symone, the body shaming began at a very Young Age and it is clear that the star is still dealing with the consequences of what she was put through as a child.

Symone wants to see a change in the industry

According to the Daily Mail, Raven Symone wants to see a change in the film industry and its attitude towards people who are different from the "perfect" actor. She claimed that in this day and age difference is something which is increasingly celebrated and wants to see this cross over to the film industry.

Symone wants to see more people being accepted for the way that they are rather than torn apart because of what they are not. The star is known to be an advocate for individuality and this came across in her interview as she talked about the potential changes she wants to see in the industry.

Raven Symone has not made any further comments about what she went through as a child but in sharing her experience, she hopes that it will change the way that people treat each other.