There is no doubt that Taylor Swift is one of the most compelling artists in the world, with her legion of 'Swifties' at her beck and call throughout the world. There has been an uproar of support for Taylor Swift regarding her testimony against David Mueller, who she claims inappropriately touched her butt during a meet-and-greet in 2013.

David Mueller, who was a KYGO disc jockey, claims that he did no such thing and that the artist and her mother, Andrea Swift, called up his radio station manager and pressured him into firing him and terminating his contract.

Taylor Swift was confident during her testimony against Mueller

According to CNN, Taylor Swift was an image of confidence throughout the trial. During her questioning, Swift did not once apologize for any action that she had taken against Mueller, and said that she had not 'done anything wrong.' Such a powerful stance taken by such a famous female artist is sure to spur more women to protect their rights and speak out and against such horrific actions.

David Mueller would try and accuse Taylor of coercing his manager into wrongfully firing him, but the artist would not back down. She would say that she is not responsible for the 'unfortunate events' that have taken place in his life since they are 'a product of his own decisions' and not hers.

According to CNN Stephanie Simbeck, who took the photograph of Mueller groping Taylor at the meet-and-greet, also said that Mueller definitely had 'his hand on her butt.' She would also recount how Swift had stumbled a bit while taking the photo, and how there was an extremely uncomfortable look on the artist's face.

Swift hopes the trial 'serves as an example to other women'

Swift hopes that this trial helps women overcome their fears about 'publicly reliving' such horrifying and 'humiliating' moments. Swift has made sure that during her trial she never once makes it look like anything that has happened is her fault, or that David Mueller is in any way a victim.

She has continuously reiterated the fact that Mueller is responsible for his own actions, and that everything that has happened is his own doing. Many people on social media are also extremely supportive of Taylor and what her trial means to other victims of sexual assault.

Many tweets speak about how proud they are of Taylor, and how it is important that she remains confident and sure of herself throughout her trial, giving hope and inspiration to many other sexual assault victims. The outcome of the trial will be decided by a jury of 6 women and two men, according to CNN.