Rachel Lindsay is the first black bachelorette to ever be on ABC's "The Bachelorette" that premiered on ABC on Monday night, May 23. She announced on "Good Morning America" on Monday morning that she is already very much in love and engaged. She was allowed to say that; however, she was not allowed to say which man she chose. The bachelorette says she is so excited to be engaged, but she and her fiance can't be seen together which is hard on both of them.

The greeters

The 32-year-old trial attorney from Dallas, Texas appeared comfortable and confident as she greeted some interesting suitors as they stepped out of the limo.

Rachel met some of them at the "After the Rose" ceremony when she was introduced as the new "Bachelorette."

One suitor did not come in a limo. He came as a drummer in the back of a marching band. There were some interesting greetings. Some men brought props, including a man named Adam who brought a ventriloquist doll with the same name. One man tickled her, and one suitor brought an ax and a chunk of ice which he chopped into as a way of "breaking the ice." Another man showed up in a penguin suit and he kept it on. He received a rose and Rachel had to pin it on the penguin outfit.

Diverse group

Rachel told the producers that she wanted a diverse group because she would date anyone and she was there to find love.

Her request was granted because it was a good mixture of men of different races and from all over the United States, Canada, and Columbia.

While the men waited for the greetings to be over, they grumbled among themselves about who was dressed the best. They bragged about who would get a rose and even who Rachel would select to be her husband.

It is interesting that the eight men sent home included some of the ones who had bragged about Rachel choosing them.

First impression rose

The person who received the first impression rose was a man from Columbia named Dr. Bryan Abasolo who spoke Spanish to Rachel when they met. After he was presented with the rose, he gave her a passionate kiss, and she responded.

Later, she said she hadn't planned to kiss during the first episode, but since he went for the kiss, she didn't resist.

The other men were jealous, and they did all they could to get Rachel's attention. They were all over her. While she was chatting briefly with one man, other men were lined up to get their turn to chat with her.

On the preview for next week's episode, it was shown that a fight broke out and one of the suitors ended up with a bloody face. Viewers indicated on social media that they look forward to seeing this season of "The Bachelorette" because it is sure to be different from the previous twelve seasons.