Prince Harry, the youngest son of Princess Diana and fourth in line to the English throne, is smitten. It seems he's fallen head over heels for "Suits" actor, Meghan Markle and rumor has it that an engagement may be in the near future for the two. In the mean time? Harry has jetted his girlfriend, Meghan off to Southern Africa for the weekend to celebrate her 36th birthday.

Their Relationship

Markle and the Prince were introduced last year at the Soho House in London. The privacy of the members-only house allowed the two a chance to get to know each other, without interference from the media.

However, it wasn't long before the two made their relationship public.

The Toronto-based actress has made several trips to the UK, even going to Jamaica as Harry's date for one of his childhood friend's weddings. In Easter, Harry spent some time in Toronto with her family, quite a big step in their relationship. Meghan also recently shut down her lifestyle blog, the Tig, a step which would be necessary if she were to join the royal family, according to ABC News.

A weekend in Africa

Harry has often spoken of his love for Africa. In fact, according to The Sun, Harry considers the African continent as his "second home". The African continent gives him a greater amount of freedom and he enjoys the freedom that it offers.

He has clearly shown his love for Africa through all the charity work that he has invested in the continent.

He opened a charity organization in Lesotho called Sentebale. Sentebale is an organization that Harry created in honor of his mother and is one that supports vulnerable children who have been affected by the AIDS problem in Africa.

He also spoke at the International AIDS conference last year in South Africa. And since Africa holds such a big hold on his heart, it is fitting that he takes Markle there to experience it.

According to the People Royals site, Harry has been planning this weekend for a long time. The couple will go on walks through the bush at sunrise, will leisurely cross the lakes by boat and will camp under the African stars.

It is all this romance that has got the media talking about engagement. After all, Africa was the spot where Prince William chose to propose to Kate, seven years ago.

No one knows if Harry will pop the question this weekend or if he simply wants to bring Markle a little bit more into his world. There is no doubt though, it will be a weekend to remember. And a very happy birthday for Meghan!