Robert Pattinson just admitted that the story he told TV host Jimmy Kimmel on his late night show that the producer of his upcoming movie “Good Time” allegedly wanted him to shot a sex scene with a dog did not really happen. The scene involved his character – Connie, who has an affinity for animals because he believes he was a dog in real life – sexually stimulating the dog using his hand.

On Just Jared, Pattinson clarified the anecdote he told Kimmel was a joke that went out of control. No one on the set thought anything like the sex act with the dog would happen, Pattinson said in a statement that they are all animal lovers and would not do anything to cause harm to a dog.

He said he is embarrassed that in his attempt to make Kimmel laugh, he only created confusion and a false impression.

Animal rights groups’ reactions

Before Pattinson issued the statement on Friday, those who watched the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” thought that the “Twilight” actor was not joking because he gave an elaborate story, including the props department allegedly making a fake dog genital supposed to be used for the scene.

Vulture reported that the short clip from Kimmel’s talk show drew criticism from animal rights activists.

Based on Pattinson’s joke, another animal rights group, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), praised the actor for allegedly refusing to molest the dog. In the original post of PETA, the group pointed out that Pattinson, on real life, had adopted a dog from a shelter. PETA liked the reported use of a prosthetic for the scene, unaware that it was just a joke by the actor.

Animals need advocates on movie sets

PETA said that the alleged disturbing situation is proof why animals need advocates on movie sets. The animal rights group also cited another incident in the movie “A Dog’s Purpose” wherein a frightened dog was shoved into raging water. PETA, in its original statement, said it was grateful to Pattinson for protecting the dog from abuse.

It hit the animal trainer for having profit as his top priority and not the animal’s health.

The group also pushed to convince movie producers not to use real animals. Rather, filmmakers should impress moviegoers with animaltronics that appear like real life and the use of computer-generated images. PETA and other animal rights group have yet to comment on Pattinson’s joke that caused the organizations to react to a “fake” story.