Singer Pink has recently revealed that she is on the side of Taylor Swift in the Swift-Perry feud. The star is just ending her own feud with a fellow artist, which went on for over a decade and it appears that she readily sided with Swift. Fans are hoping that Swift and Perry can put an end to their feud during the VMA's and are concerned now that Pink has involved herself in the fight.

The feud has been going on for three years

According to the Daily Mail, the feud between celebrities Swift and Katy Perry has been going on for three years. The feud began back in 2014 when three of Taylor Swift's dancers for her tour left to perform for Katy Perry instead.

In an interview with the Rolling Stones, Swift announced that Katy Perry had done something terrible and that the pair were no longer friends. Swift opened up about this at the time and stated that Perry tried to hire even more people who were already signed under her. She claimed that Perry tried to sabotage her entire arena tour back in 2014.

The star claimed that she never knew where she and Katy stood and that the singer would always come over to Swift after concerts to say something to her before walking away. Swift stated that she was always unsure if they were friends or if Katy Perry was trying to insult her.

According to People Magazine, Katy Perry has claimed that she is ready to put the feud to an end but that it is Taylor who is holding a grudge.

Katy Perry has even gone as far as to claim that she is extremely sorry for what she did and has expressed her desire to get back on good terms with Taylor Swift.

Pink has announced that she sides with Taylor Swift in this ongoing battle between the stars

According to People Magazine, Pink has come forward with a public statement and revealed that she wholeheartedly backs Taylor Swift in her ongoing feud with Katy Perry.

This comes after Pink ended her sixteen-year feud with fellow artist Christina Aguilera and it appears that Pink has some experience when it comes to celebrity feuds.

Pink was on a radio show KISS FM, answering quick-fire questions when the topic of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift came up. When asked to choose between them Pink quickly answered Taylor Swift.

She followed this up by claiming that she would definitely be on Taylor's side and one has to wonder if Pink is looking to get involved in another feud. Pink also claimed that whatever Taylor's says about the feud would not matter because some people are just easily offended.

Neither Taylor Swift nor Katy Perry has commented on Pink siding with Swift and fans are wondering if Perry now views Pink as an enemy.