Ariana Grande recently performed a concert in South Korea and has been receiving a lot of backlash as the organizers have claimed that she treated her fans with great disrespect. The fans who had VIP tickets did not get to watch the show's rehearsal and no one got a chance to meet and talk to their idol. Grande has since taken to social media to share her feelings about the concert.

The singer was accused of treating her South Korean fans coldly

According to NME, Ariana Grande has been criticized for her treatment of her fans during her recent concert in South Korea.

The star reportedly did not spend any time with her fans and the show's promoters, Hyundai Card, have since apologized to fans publicly. Hyundai Card took to Facebook to apologize on behalf of the star and for any inconvenience or discomfort that she may have caused.

The chief executive officer of the company, Chung Tae-young, also took to Facebook to release a statement in which he claims that Ariana Grande was indifferent to her fans and appeared to have a careless attitude towards the concert. He claimed that the singer arrived just before the concert was due to begin and left immediately after it was finished.

He stated that she did this to avoid the press and has stated that she acted very rudely to her fans who were eager and had paid to see her.

Chung stated that if Ariana Grande was nervous about the state of affairs in South Korea than she should have canceled the concert and rescheduled for another time. The office stated that he could understand her hesitation after the incident in Manchester but, believes that it was unprofessional of her to have acted in such a manner.

Grande has since addressed the situation

According to Allkpop, Ariana Grande has responded to the criticism that she has received for her behavior at the concert. The star posted a message to her fans stating that she cherishes her concerts and getting to spend time with each and every one of her fans. She claimed that she is always grateful for her fans and the love and support and they give her.

Grande also shared a video of the concert which shows a portion of the audience who were at the concert.

The Universal Music Group have also spoken up on the behalf of the singer and stated that it was not her intention to cause any upset. They stated that the last thing that Grande wanted was to disrespect anyone and they apologized for the impression that the South Korean fans have received.

Ariana Grande has not commented any further on the concert but she continues to receive backlash for the event.