The seventh season of the TV Series "Suits" is set to be its last and producers of the show have come forward and announced that the show will be getting a spin-off series. This spin-off is to focus on the character of Jessica Pearson who starred in many seasons of the show and the producers have claimed that they did not want to finish her story just yet. The first episode of the spin-off series is due to air six months after the "Suits" finale.

The actor is due to get her very own spin-off

According to Deadline, actor Gina Torres who plays the character of Jessica Pearson on the hit TV series "Suits" is due to get her own spin off series from the show.

With season seven being the final episode of "Suits" the creators felt like they had not explored the character of Jessica enough and decided that they would give her a spin-off where they could explore her character to her full potential.

In a report by the Hollywood Reporter, the spin-off is to feature Jessica getting involved in Chicago politics and politicians. The producer of the show Aaron Korsh has stated that the show will be featuring political characters such as the major but that not every character Jessica comes into contact with will be in politics. He stated that by the end of the season fans should have a good direction as to where Jessica Pearson will be headed next.

The President of the Entertainment Network also released a statement about the "Suits" spin off and claimed that the team felt like they owed it to fans of the show to create the spin off.

He explained that Gina Torres has won the hearts of hundreds of people around the world and that they simply had to follow her story after the ending of the original series.

The producers of the show opened up about the difficulties of creating the spin off

According to Deadline, the producers of the show found it troublesome to create a new angle for the character of Jessica Pearson, which would differ, from the angels explored in "Suits." They explained that they did not want to simply rehash her character from the original series and felt if she was a lawyer working in Chicago that the show would not work.

Korsh has stated that fans of the show will get to see Jessica Pearson in a new role, which will show off her powerful character and her intelligence. Fans are already speculating as to what new role Gina Torres' character could be taking on in the spin off series but the producers have remained silent about their ideas.

Fans are delighted to see that Gina Torres is getting her own spin off series and cannot wait to see Jessica Pearson in a brand new light.