Last night everyone was really shocked to see rachel lindsay choose Bryan over Peter on the finale of "The Bachelorette." She actually broke up with Peter before the final rose ceremony even happened. Now, Peter Kraus is speaking out, and he feels like Rachel made the right choice. It has been three months since the show finished taping. He did love her and even told her that at the show.

Peter reveals his thoughts now

Last night, Peter said that he wasn't ready to propose and Rachel Lindsay made it clear that was what she wanted from the person in the end.

He even offered to do it without wanting to just to keep her, but Peter wasn't ready to do it. Peter is now speaking out and says that relationships are all about sacrifice and he gets that for sure. He said that their conversation lasted about three hours and he knew that it wouldn't end up coming out the way that he wanted no matter what.

Peter says that it was too late when he told her he would propose just to keep her. He said, "It was too little, too late. She knew that it wasn’t where my heart was at the time. I think we probably would’ve resented each other for it if she had agreed. I do think she made the right decision in the end.”

Rachel cared about Peter

Rachel has been honest that she cared about Peter, there was no doubting that, but she was in love with Bryan.

These two are now engaged and doing well. They have been seeing each other in private, and now they can finally go out in public with each other, which is really important to them. This is going to make it where they can start their real relationship.

When talking about her breakup with Peter, Rachel said that it was really frustrating for her.

They were upset by everything that went down during that three-hour conversation. It just seemed really hard for these two to make it through their disagreements, even though they did care about each other. At this time, Peter hasn't admitted that he has found love and there has been a lot of speculation that he might end up being cast as "The Bachelor." They have not picked anyone for the job yet, but this news will probably come out during or after "Bachelor in Paradise." Last year they gave the job to Nick Viall after he was loved on "BIP."

Do you think that Rachel Lindsay made the right choice last night on "The Bachelorette"? Do you feel like she will end up married to Peter? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "Bachelor in Paradise" starting next Monday on ABC.